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World of Warcraft: Dragonflight – Interview Roundup Part 4

As we head towards the weekend more interviews have been posted. Here’s a summary of the new bits of information in one list. The links to the full interviews are listed down at the bottom of this page.

  • Dracthyr have over 30 different hair colors (Well-played)
  • Even sheep have draconic horns – dragonsheep! (Well-played)
  • You can take part in Dragon Races and hunt giant beasts together with your dragon (Well-played)
  • Dragon Isles is bigger than Northrend (Well-played)
  • We will get more story about Anduin’s plans in patch 9.2.5 (buffed.de)
  • Every zone in Dragon Isles will have endgame areas (buffed.de)
  • Sargeras’ sword was drained of its corruption and is just a big splinter in the world. Nothing will currently happen to it, the expansion really is about the Dragon Isles. (buffed.de)
  • They’re currently looking at ways to allow you to be in your non-drake form as an Evoker during combat as well (buffed.de)
  • They’re happy with players being able to earn tier sets from activities other than raiding, like Mythic+ (buffed.de)
  • With cross faction play coming, trading across factions will become possible. They would like to make cross server trading possible too, however there are technical restrictions they need to work on. (buffed.de)
  • No exact timetable for the start of the Alpha, but they want to start it up soon. The expansion is quite far along in development. (buffed.de)
  • For inspiration in developing DF, the devs drew heavily on Mists of Pandaria which was their last great exploration-based expansion (Gamerant Part 2)
  • Though early in development, they hope to make a Dragon Racing Tournament, inspired by the fishing tournaments (Gamerant Part 2)
  • They want to move the addon buttons that you have around your minimap to another section dedicated to addon icons (Barradois)
  • You will be able to export your UI and share the HUD you created with others (Barradois)

Full interviews:
Gamerant Part 2

Interviews Part 1
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