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Hotfixes: March 30 2023, Paladin: Judgments of the Pure Tuning – 4 April

Quote from: Blizzard

March 30, 2023


  • Warlock
    • Affliction
      • Fixed an issue where Soul-Eater’s Gluttony would not reduce the cooldown of Soul Rot if damage was absorbed.
    • Demonology
      • Fixed an issue where Umbral Blaze’s damage would not increase with a second rank.

Items and Rewards

  • Fixed an issue where the Phoenix Wishwing pet would not properly appear in the pet journal.

Wrath of the Lich King Classic

  • Classes
    • Paladin
      • Glyph of Righteous Defense will now properly increase the chance to hit with that ability.
Quote from: Blizzard

With Judgment’s cast frequency increasing in patch 10.0.7, Judgments of the Pure has been overperforming as a PvP talent. In a hotfix being applied this upcoming Tuesday, the talent will only apply to the Paladin and no longer have its effect applicable to allies.


    • Judgments of the Pure (PvP Talent) now causes Judgment casts on an enemy to cleanse 1 Poison, Disease, and Magic effect they have caused on you (was allies within your aura).

Feedback: Mythic+ Testing – March 30th – April 3rd

Quote from: Blizzard


Dragonflight Season 2 Mythic+ testing begins on PTR realms this weekend. The test period will begin Thursday March 30th at 10:00 PDT (13:00 EDT, 20:00 CEST), and end Monday April 3rd at 10:00 PDT (13:00 EDT, 20:00 CEST). Please note that the test period may be adjusted in the event of technical difficulties.

This weekend features the Vortex Pinnacle dungeon and our updated level 7 keystone affixes.

During the test period you’ll be able to acquire and customize Mythic Keystones by talking to the Keystone Vendor in Valdrakken, and the nearby Dungeon Teleports NPC will assist you with transportation.

  • There are new affixes and adjusted affixes available for testing. Players can purchase scrolls from the keystone vendor to add to these to their keystone.
    • New Affix: Incorporeal – While in combat, incorporeal beings appear and attempt to destabilize players with spells that reduce their damage and healing done. Incorporeal beings are susceptible to all forms of crowd control.
    • New Affix: Afflicted – While in combat, Afflicted Souls appear that seek the aid of players. Afflicted Souls spawn with poison, curse, and disease afflictions. Removing any of these afflictions or restoring the spirit to full health causes it to despawn. Fail to remove their afflictions in time will inflict players with a negative status effect.
    • New Affix: Entangling – While in combat, entangling vines snare players.
    • Updated Affix: Explosive – Fewer Explosive Orbs spawn, but they now have substantially higher health. •
  • The following affixes have been retired for Dragonflight Season 2:
    • Quaking
    • Grievous
    • Volcanic

We’re looking for feedback on keystone combinations:

  • Keystone Level 4 Affixes:
    • Spiteful
    • Sanguine
    • Bursting
    • Bolstering
    • Raging
  • Keystone Level 7 Affixes:
    • Incorporeal
    • Afflicted
    • Entangling
    • Explosive
    • Storming

Affix Refresh Goals

  • One of our primary goals is to highlight different forms of player utility week over week. The hope is that different classes will shine with their ability to neutralize the week’s affix.
  • We want to reduce the cognitive load we’re putting on players with affixes with the removal of the seasonal affix and the pacing and design of our new affixes. The intent is to slow down the rate that these affixes trigger and to tone down the required response from players dealing with them.
  • Like dungeons in Dragonflight, we are taking the opportunity to review and refresh affixes more often between seasons.
  • We encourage players to play with different combinations of the level 4 and level 7 affix tiers. Please give feedback on unfair combinations that you come across in testing.

We look forward to hearing your feedback!

WoW Loot for Prime Gaming Members: Get the Big Battle Bear

Quote from: Blizzard

We’re teaming up with Amazon Prime Gaming once again for a special offer. For a limited time, Prime Gaming subscribers can obtain a fearsome mount!

Starting today until April 27, 2023 Prime Gaming members can bring their awesomeness to bear when they claim this epic mount.

Claim Offer

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Once you claim your offer, log in to World of Warcraft, look for your new mount in the Mounts tab of your Collection (default hotkey SHIFT+P), and ride!

Claim Offer


Become a Prime Gaming Member:

  1. If you don’t already have a Twitch account, create one here.
  2. If you don’t already have a Prime account, sign up for a FREE trial.
  3. Connect your Twitch account to your Prime account here.

Link Your Blizzard and Twitch Accounts:

  1. Log in to your Twitch account.
  2. If you don’t already have a Blizzard account, create one here.
  3. Navigate to the Twitch Connections page in the Settings menu.
  4. Locate the Blizzard Battle.net section and chose your gameplay region.
  5. Log in to the Blizzard account you wish to link and click Log in to Blizzard.

Claim Your Prime Gaming Offer:

  1. Visit the Prime Gaming Rewards page for World of Warcraft.
  2. Log in to your Prime Gaming account and authorize.
  3. Verify your linked Blizzard account and click Claim Your Loot.
  4. Success! You are ready to redeem your items in-game.

Redeem Your Rewards:

  1. Launch the Blizzard Battle.net desktop app.
  2. Log in to your linked Blizzard account.
  3. Launch World of Warcraft.
  4. Visit a transmog vendor which can be found in any capital city.

Before linking your Twitch and Blizzard accounts, check to see that you’re not logged in to any other Blizzard accounts at the same time in the same browser, as this could cause complications. For the best results, complete the process in “private browsing” or “incognito” mode.

Once you claim a Prime Gaming reward for World of Warcraft, and if you remain an active Prime Gaming member, all future rewards in the campaign will be automatically applied to the same Blizzard account and cannot be transferred. Be sure that your preferred Blizzard account is connected to your Twitch account at the time of enrolling!

Need more info? Click here to visit the Twitch Prime FAQ for more details.

*Offer only available where Twitch Prime is available.

**Prime Gaming items not available in WoW Classic games.

Patch 10.1 PTR: Windwalker Monk Tier Set Adjustment 29 March 2023

Quote from: Blizzard

We will be deploying a hotfix to the 10.1 PTR realms to adjust the Windwalker Monk 4-Set bonus. The new bonus is as follows:

Windwalker Monk:

  • (4) Set Bonus: Fists of Fury deals 25% increased damage to the primary target and increases Shadow and Fire damage you deal to all targets hit by 40% for 15 sec.
  • Developer’s note: This hotfix replaces the existing 10.1 Windwalker Class Set Bonus with a new effect. While we loved the fantasy of granting Windwalkers an additional spirit, we heard your feedback around the resultant lack of control loud and clear and are making this change as a result.

Hotfixes: March 29, 2023

Quote from: Blizzard

March 29, 2023


  • Druid
    • Fixed an issue causing Ursoc’s Fury to generate an incorrect absorb value.
  • Monk
    • Mistweaver
      • Fixed an issue that caused the additional Tiger Palm from Awakened Faeline to sometimes not cast while changing facing or moving out of melee range.
  • Paladin
    • Fixed an issue causing some Paladins to fail to obtain their Charger.
  • Priest
    • Shadow
      • Fixed an issue causing Idol of Y’Shaarj to not trigger its Enrage removal effect against creatures affected by Enrage from the Raging Affix in Mythic+ Dungeons.
  • Warlock
    • Affliction
      • Fixed an issue where Soul Flame damage did not match the amount described in the tooltip.

Hotfixes: March 28, 2023

Quote from: Blizzard

March 28, 2023


  • Druid
    • Balance
      • Updated the Denizen of the Dream Faerie Dragons to reduce how often they unintentionally engage enemies. They will now enter stealth or invisibility if the caster does, and they now spawn closer to the caster.
      • Starfall damage increased by 13%.
      • Starfall no longer deals damage once when it is first cast.
        • Developers’ note: The above changes address a bug. Starfall deals damage once when initially applied. When it is refreshed, it updates the existing Starfall instead of creating a new instance. Thus, those subsequent Starfall casts do not get the damage of the initial hit. This change removes the initial hit and adds the damage it would deal across all Starfall’s other ticks. As a player, you will notice slightly more delay before Starfall deals damage, but its damage overall will be increased when cast multiple times.
  • Paladin
      • Fixed an issue causing Divine Purpose to sometimes be incorrectly consumed by an Afterimage trigger.
      • Fixed an issue causing Fading Light to sometimes apply an absorb with no value.
  • Priest
    • Holy
      • Fixed a bug causing Symbol of Hope to reduce the cooldown of both Divine Protection and Shield of Vengeance for Retribution Paladins. It will now only reduce the cooldown of Divine Protection.
    • Shadow
      • Addressed an issue causing Mind Blasts queued after a Mind Spike to not properly reduce the cast time of Mind Blast with Mind Melt talented.

Player versus Player

  • Classes
    • Mage
      • Fixed an issue that caused Frozen Orb’s duration to be longer or shorter than intended.
    • Priest
      • Shadow
        • Fixed an issue causing Psyfiend to be usable during Dispersion.
    • Warlock
      • Affliction
        • Fixed an issue causing Soul Swap Exhale to bypass spell reflection and spell redirect mechanics. The initial cast of Soul Swap will continue to bypass these effects.

Patch 10.1 PTR Raid Testing & PvP With The Blues

Quote from: Blizzard

The PTR raid schedule for Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible has been updated.

Thursday, March 30

  • Mythic
    • Kazzara, the Hellforged – 13:00 PDT (16:00 EDT, 22:00 CEST)
    • The Vigilant Steward, Zskarn – 14:00 PDT (17:00 EDT, 23:00 CEST)
Quote from: Blizzard

On Friday, March 31, please join members of the World of Warcraft development team on the Embers of Neltharion Public Test Realms (PTR) as we playtest PvP content in tandem with our new Embers of Neltharion items, PvP talents, and system changes. We’ll be observing and looking for feedback on general PvP combat, and we’re particularly interested in feedback on our new and updated PvP talents and our changes to crowd control.

We’ll get underway at 3:00 p.m. PDT (5:00 p.m. CDT, 6:00 p.m. EDT) with an hour of random Battlegrounds.

To playtest with us, log into the PTR, open the Group Finder (default hotkey: i), then select Random Battlegrounds, and click Join Battle.

Starting at 4:00 p.m. PDT (6:00 p.m. CDT, 7:00 p.m. EDT), we’re going to switch over to Rated Solo Shuffle for one hour. To playtest with us, log into the PTR, open the Group Finder (default hotkey: i), then select Rated Solo Shuffle, and click Join Battle.

Before the playtest, we recommend taking some time to get your character setup properly for PvP combat. All of the PTR realms support cross-realm queueing, so feel free to make your character on any of the realms (the World of Warcraft development team will be on Benedictus, for example.) Additionally, this week we’ve updated the PvP Gear Vendor located in Orgrimmar and Stormwind to sell Season 2 PvP gear, so we highly recommend wearing the new armor so everyone is on the same playing field. Additionally, please check out the various other gear and profession vendors in Orgrimmar and Stormwind to utilize the latest trinkets, gear, and class sets in Embers of Neltharion.

We look forward to playtesting with you and reading your feedback afterward. See you there!