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Category: News Edition

WoW Weekly News Edition – Week of March 28th 2015

Welcome to WoW Weekly News Edition for the week of March 28th 2015! News edition? Yes that’s right. As I’ll explain in the video we felt that the podcast wasn’t going where it should be. Combining that with real life factors we have decided to split the podcast up into the news edition format we used last year, and the regular discussion podcast format when there are interesting things to discuss!

Check out what’s been happening in the World of Warcraft as well as the full details to this change in the video below! (Apologies in advance for being a bit rusty recording this type of video format!)

Podcast Episode 40 News Edition

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Due to the livestreaming this weekend we did not have a podcast, so instead here’s a news edition to get you up to speed of the things that happened and were announced in the last week!