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World of Warcraft: Dragonflight – Interview Roundup Part 2

After the initial round of interviews on Tuesday evening/ Wednesday morning, more interviews have come out. So again I’ve summarized the new bits of information in one list. The links to the full interviews are listed down at the bottom of this page.

  • A problem with the old talent trees is that they kept getting deeper and deeper with many points to spend. It wasn’t sustainable which is what led to the modern talent system. This new talent tree system takes the lessons learned from both systems and allows for more flexibility for expanding in future expansions with different categories of talent trees (general class vs specialization). (Hazelnuttygames)
  • They expect this new talent system to work for at least 2 to 3 expansions. (Hazelnuttygames)
  • This doesn’t mean the complete end to borrowed power forever, but expansion long power features are not in the cards for the foreseeable future. (Hazelnuttygames)
  • The new renown system where you can earn it for every reputation is meant as an evolution of the reputation system and the way rewards can be given for the new reputations. (Hazelnuttygames)
  • When you start out choosing a specialization for your profession, you will initially only be able to master one part of what your profession can do. Over a longer period of time you’ll be able to master the other paths as well (if you’re a completionist willing to put the time into it). (Hazelnuttygames)
  • They do want to keep professions relevant by having a way to craft close (if not on par with) mythic level gear. Of course it’ll require the needed effort by perhaps raiding or running high level dungeons. This is still fully being developed (Hazelnuttygames)
  • When you have a BoP reagent you can have another crafter make a piece of gear for you that you would previously need to have the profession for because of not being able to trade the BoP material. (Hazelnuttygames)
  • We’ll see legendaries again like the one-off Sylvanas bow, but the new talent system that will carry over to new expansions is supposed to fill the hole of the new player power that Shadowlands Legendaries filled. (Hazelnuttygames)
  • They want to do player housing one day, but they want to do it right. Given the amount of resources it costs to develop it’s not on the menu for Dragonflight. (Hazelnuttygames)
  • They want to overhaul Archeology but it’s not planned for the Dragonflight release. They are focussing on the main crafting/gathering professions first. (Hazelnuttygames)
  • Nothing to announce for pet battles. Ion’d love tackling a fresh approach to PvP pet battles, but other things have the priority for DF launch. (Hazelnuttygames)
  • Evokers will want to be 25-30 yards “mid range” from their target. (Hazelnuttygames)
  • Even before Alpha Ion hopes to be able to release some of the talent trees so that the community can already give feedback on them. (Hazelnuttygames)
  • There are no time skip shenanigans going on when transitioning from Shadowlands to Dragonflight (BlizzPlanet)
  • Dracthyr (the new race) will always be in their Dracthyr form while in combat, just like worgen are (BlizzPlanet)
  • Dracthyr will have more customisation options including snout shape, torso size and the armor you wear.(BlizzPlanet)
  • They think you’ll be able to see the shoulders, tabards and belts you wear from your gear on your character when in Dracthyr form. (BlizzPlanet)
  • When leveling, new players will be sent from Exile’s Reach, to BfA to Dragon Isles (BlizzPlanet)
  • When leveling, veteran players can choose to Chromie Time in Shadowlands (BlizzPlanet)
  • You will not be able to fly regularly in Dragon Isles, only with Dragon Riding (BlizzPlanet)
  • Now that we’re back on Azeroth they are definitely talking about continuing with Heritage Armor (BlizzPlanet)
  • The healing of Azeroth narratively speaking does not mean the damage from Deathwing for example will be fixed in the old ingame zones (BlizzPlanet)
  • There will be a rated PvP Solo Shuffle (BlizzPlanet)
  • The Night Elves story is not over, Teldrassil is still burnt. The druids and the green dragons are intertwined when it comes to story. (BlizzPlanet)
  • No news on a duck mount. (BlizzPlanet)

Full interviews:

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