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World of Warcraft: Dragonflight – Interview Roundup Part 3

More interviews have come out following the announcement of Dragonflight. Here’s a summary of the new bits of information in one list. The links to the full interviews are listed down at the bottom of this page.

Interviews Part 1
Interviews Part 2

  • Alexstraza’s goal is for the Aspects to regain the power they sacrificed in the battle with Deathwing (Warcraft Radio – For Azeroth)
  • A lot of the initial story will be about each dragonflight figuring out their legacy and how they want to move forward (Warcraft Radio – For Azeroth)
  • They have some characters planned to play a part in the Explorer’s League, some might come from Hearthstone but we will have to wait and see (Warcraft Radio – For Azeroth)
  • In patch 9.2.5 we’ll be dipping our toes back into stories on Azeroth to learn what’s been going on while we’ve been in the Shadowlands, some stories already on the PTR and some not yet. These stories will occur before we head over to the Dragon Isles. (Warcraft Radio – For Azeroth)
  • Alexstrasza will send us to Uldaman in her quest to regain the Aspects’ power (Warcraft Radio – For Azeroth)
  • There will be plenty of fun new things for classes that are not the Evoker as well (Warcraft Radio – For Azeroth)
  • In terms of alt friendliness, alts should mainly focus on having to gear up and mastering your role. Other things you earn such as access to content and utility they want to increasingly shift towards an account-wide space. (Fanbyte/Wowhead)
  • Endgame progression will mainly be focussed on getting gear and upgrading it. (Fanbyte/Wowhead)
  • WoW Classic has shown that if you bring back the exact same systems, the exact same game design as you had 16 years ago, the players would still play differently now because of how players play much differently now with a bigger focus on min/maxing, having more knowledge on how to play and having access to many sources of information in order to do so. (Fanbyte/Wowhead)
  • The new talent system is about giving classes a stronger, more interesting deeper foundation on which to build class and spec gameplay. They are not reworking specs like they did in Legion. (Fanbyte/Wowhead)
  • All existing Chromie Time expansions will be available for lvl 10-60. (Fanbyte/Wowhead)
  • They have discussed what it would mean to release an expansion without raising the level cap, but it isn’t something they will be doing any time soon. (Fanbyte/Wowhead)
  • Other classes might eventually get Empower spells, but for DF it’s just Evokers. (Fanbyte/Wowhead)
  • Dracthyr might be able to become other classes later, but it’s not how they will start in DF. (Fanbyte/Wowhead)
  • Now that DF has been announced they’ll be talking more with the Community Council again. (Fanbyte/Wowhead)
  • They might add white and grey quality items to the transmog system. (Fanbyte/Wowhead)
  • DF might look at the origin of the Emerald Dream and the nature of the timeways of the Bronze dragonflight. (Gamerant Part 1)
  • One of the main enemies are the Djardin, fire-resistant half giants. (Gamerant Part 1)
  • The Primalists believe that as children of Galakrond, mortals should serve them rather than the other way around. (Gamerant Part 1)

Full interviews:
Warcraft Radio – For Azeroth
Gamerant Part 1

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