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World of Warcraft: Dragonflight – Interview Roundup

Yesterday we got the official expansion reveal for Dragonflight (DF), for which you can see the individual reveal subjects here:
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World of Warcraft: Dragonflight Announced!

A whole round of interviews was released afterwards so I’ve summarized the new bits of information in one list. The links to the full interviews are listed down at the bottom of this page.

  • Renown will be returning in some form for each of the 4 planned reputations. However unlike Shadowlands, you will be able to work on all 4 at once. This renown can unlock things such as cosmetics, quest lines and new gameplay. (Ausgamers)
  • They are looking at alt friendliness for this renown but currently have nothing to share yet. (Ausgamers)
  • Our goals are maximum flexibility and customisation and really return to some of the things we’ve lost, like being able to be a hybrid. For example you’re a ret paladin. Are you a ret/prot or a ret/holy paladin? (IGN)
  • Narratively the Horde and Alliance have a truce and are cooperating with each other. Given that it’s an expansion of exploration, the Alliance is sending the League of Explorers to lead the way and the Horde is sending the Reliquary. Together they’ll form the Dragonscale Expedition but there will still be a rivalry between the two groups. (IGN)
  • They have nothing to announce yet on Master Loot potentially returning but they agree that Personal Loot is not working out in all the ways they would want it to in an organized setting. (IGN)
  • Overall they are happy with the Great Vault, they will continue to iterate on it. (IGN)
  • Dragon Riding does not require a Pathfinder achievement. (Gamespot)
  • Open world endgame gameplay will have systems with a depth to it similar to what is present in Zereth Mortis. (Gamespot)
  • The focus is on core gameplay systems that will be used for years to come. Not borrowed power systems. (Gamespot)
  • You will earn a talent point each time you level up. (Gamespot)
  • Dragonflight does not have a targeted release date. They’re taking the “it’s ready when it’s ready” approach. (Gamespot)
  • PvP Gearing will work like in Warlords of Draenor where an item will have both a PvE ilvl and a PvP ilvl. (Bajheera)
  • The trinket set bonus will stick around but there will not be a separate pvp set bonus like tier sets. (Bajheera)
  • The 10.0 prepatch will last for only 2 weeks and will include a revamp of the Uldaman dungeon for level 60 players (A new wing of Uldaman is a planned dungeon for Dragonflight). Additionally during prepatch you will be able to play the new Evoker class. (Judgehype)
  • They might expand Dragon Riding to other continents as well but for now it will only be available on the Dragon Isles. (Judgehype)
  • Initially there won’t be a big bad when the expansion launches, but one will eventually show itself. Just like with Mists of Pandaria we start out exploring first. (Judgehype)
  • Kadghar and Wrathion will be important characters and we will be seeing other returning characters including Tyrande. (Judgehype)
  • Some small changes will be made to the existing Azeroth but the main focus of the xpansion is the Dragon Isles. (Judgehype)
  • No overhaul of Archeology is planned for now. It is something they eventually want to get to but it’s unlikely to be part of the expansion launch. (Judgehype)
  • No Azerite system or Artifact Power will be in Dragonflight. A progression system is still likely, but based on the feedback of the last 2 expansions. (Judgehype)
  • Mythic+ season 1 will feature 4 dungeons from the Dragon Isles and 4 old dungeons. In season 2 there will be a rotation where 4 other dungeons from the Dragon Isles will be used and another 4 old dungeons. Shadowlands is too recent so those will not be used. (Judgehype)

Full interviews:

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