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The Gaze of the Black Prince Be Upon You

Quote from: Blizzard
The Gaze of the Black Prince Be Upon You

The gaze of the Black Prince had been both blessing and curse to her once upon a time. Her journey long and arduous, the blood of the enemy stained her boots. Now she stood on the corpse of the vanquished Fire God – Ordos – her cloak whipping about her frame and victory beating within her heart. Her journey was at an end. But as with any end, there is always another beginning ‘round the bend.

To be legendary, one must obtain– a truly legendary cloak. What hero is hero without one? To help you on your danger fraught quest, the infamous Black Prince would grant you a boon to help make the journey toward adorning your own cloak a little easier. Will you follow in the footsteps of heroes that have come before and brave the challenge?

Beginning Tuesday, June 17 at 9:00 a.m. (CEST), through Monday, June 30 at 9:00 a.m. (CEST), we’ll be applying the Gaze of the Black Prince buff which will increase the reputation gained with the Black Prince by 100%. It will also increase the chance of obtaining items from his foes needed as a part of the Legendary Cloak quest line including: the Secrets of the Empire, Sigil of Wisdom, Sigil of Power, or Titan Runestones.

To learn more about the Legendary Cloak quest line, check out our previous blog posts: I am Legendary and The Time Has Come: Legendary Quest Line. Or, for a complete walkthrough check out Wowhead’s guide here.

But wait, there is more! Starting June 17, you’ll be able to pre-purchase World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor Standard Edition at selected retail outlets across Europe. You can find the list of these retailers here.

Warlords of Draenor is also available for pre-purchase via Battle.net, where you can also find out about the Digital Deluxe Edition.

Podcast Episode 37 WoD Alpha First Look

WoW Weekly  Banner

This week’s podcast is up! This week we talk about the yet again new healer mana changes, how our first week in the WoD Alpha has been and the secondary stat specialisations for each class and spec. At the same time we would like to apologize for the subpar podcast we released last week, we considered taking it down from youtube but decided against it so that should anyone still like to watch it they can do so.

Recent Bloody Coins Hotfixes


Recently the bloody coin mechanic from the timeless isle was hotfixed, you’ll now be able to earn them in battlegrounds! Check out the full details below:

Quote from: Blizzard
When we were developing the Timeless Isle, we wanted to add some incentive for players to engage in world PvP independently of faction balance. To that end, we created the Censer of Eternal Agony and Bloody Coin mechanic. This created a “third faction” of sorts on the Isle, and brought an extra element of danger to players adventuring there.We’re happy with how that worked out when Patch 5.4 released, but as time has passed, the general atmosphere of the Timeless Isle has changed. The majority of players who venture there today are either gearing up alts, or chasing after rare drops. As a result, we feel that it’s time to let the sun set on the Censer of Eternal Agony, and have increased its cooldown to 1 hour. Players who want to use it for its original purpose still can, but it will be a much larger setback when they’re defeated in battle.

That said, we still want players to be able to collect Bloody Coins (and the rewards that come with them), so we’re making some adjustments to the Fire-Watcher’s Oath item, which can now be purchased from Speaker Gulan for 100 Timeless Coins. The Fire-Watcher’s Oath allows the collection of Bloody Coins from PvP kills, doesn’t change your faction, and it can be used anywhere – including Battlegrounds. We’ve reduced its cooldown to 10 minutes (which matches its duration), removed the mounting restrictions, and have dramatically increased the ability to earn coins from PvP kills while it’s active. We want players interested in earning Bloody Coins to seek them out in a Battleground with use of the Fire-Watcher’s Oath.

Overall, we feel that these changes will not only make the Timeless Isle more attractive to players interested in its rewards, but will also give players collecting Bloody Coins a better way to earn them. We’re monitoring your feedback, and will continue to make adjustments as necessary.

Frostfire Ridge Alpha Preview

Tonight we bring you a slideshow of ingame screenshots of Frostfire Ridge in the Alpha! A few contain small spoilers, so if you don’t want to know any it’d be better for you not to go through the slideshow! Remember that this is from the Alpha and many things can change as development of Warlords of Draenor continues!

[pveslideshow id=”1″ openonload=”false”]

New Warforged Nightmare Mount—Now Available

A new mount has made it’s way into the blizzard store!

Quote from: Blizzard
New Warforged Nightmare Mount—Now Available

Charge into battle astride a Warforged Nightmare, unleashing unbridled chaos upon your enemies! Those who own this terrifying steed, crafted from cold steel and vengeful spirits by grandmaster smiths, are also able to place a Nightmarish Hitching Post. This mysterious artifact has the power to summon a Warforged Nightmare for every member of your war party strong enough to handle the reins and worthy enough to be given the honor.

The Warforged Nightmare mount is available now from the in-game Shop as well as the Battle.net Shop.

Once activated, this in-game mount key applies to all present and future World of Warcraft characters on a single North American Battle.net account.

WoD Alpha: Horde Garrison Intro

We were lucky enough to get invited to the WoD Alpha, which of course means we’ll be bringing out content directly from the alpha! To start off with Mezzy takes us through the current horde garrison starting experience! Remember it is an Alpha, this will change, there are bugs and these are of course spoilers for what will happen in the game!