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WoW: Dragonflight Alpha Launch – Interview/Information Roundup Part 3

The initial burst of new information from interviews and blog posts seems to be dying down. Here’s the few tid bits of new information that we could find and you can, of course, expect spoilers:

World/Outdoor Gameplay

  • The world isn’t only bigger because of Dragon Riding but they also wanted to have more space to make the world feel more like an organic world to be explored. Rather than a densely populated map where everything serves a gameplay purpose (Wowcrendor)
  • The amount of experience needed to level from 1-60 has been adjusted/nerfed to put lvl 50-60 into Chromie Time (MMO-Champion)


  • Primary professions are initially the primary focus of the profession revamp, especially the crafting professions (Wowcrendor)
  • They want to update secondary professions later on (Wowcrendor)
  • Archaeology will be looked at for revamping later in DF (Wowcrendor)
  • When specializing in a profession you initially choose one area, but eventually you will be able to unlock all specializations in your profession (Wowcrendor)

Talent System

  • Being able to see how Talent Trees played out in Classic in the modern era helped them think about how Talent trees could work in modern WoW (Wowcrendor)
  • By splitting talents into a class tree and a spec tree allows them to give you different choices in utility without you having to sacrifice throughput talents (Wowcrendor)

Dragon Riding

  • If they continue with Dragon Riding after DF and it potentially replaces existing flying then they will have to look at how they’re going to handle existing flying mounts that players have collected over the years because they don’t support the new animations and tech that are required for Dragon Riding (Wowcrendor)


  • They’ll have a look at adding a raid skip in Siege of Orgrimmar to help mount/garrosh shoulder farmers (Wowcrendor)


  • No allied races are currently planned for DF for now (Wowcrendor)
  • They want to have more frequent patches over the course of DF, to deliver more of different types of content and be more flexible in patch size. (Wowcrendor)

Full Interviews/Sources:
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MMO-Champion Experience Changes Datamining

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