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Category: Dragonflight

A Word on World of Warcraft – No 10.2.6 PTR

Quote from: Blizzard

Greetings Azeroth,

2024 is underway and it’s a big year for World of Warcraft as the game reaches a milestone 20-year anniversary!

To think that 20 years ago Facebook launched, MySpace was cool, and many of us were playing on a Nintendo DS and a Playstation Portable. Friends aired its final episode and Lost delivered its first. And that same year friends, family, and coworkers started playing a game called World of Warcraft!

It fills my heart that Azeroth has become home to so many different types of people and players around the globe who have shared memorable moments these past two decades. *hugs* As Morpheus cried in Matrix Reloaded (2003, but anyway) “WE are STILL here!” I’m glad I chose this rabbit hole and have never regretted how deep it goes. WoW is my wonderland – all day, every day.

Thinking about the year ahead, and our roadmaps we remain committed to, we want to share with you three things we’re focused on as a development team:

  • #1. Continue to evolve the living world for all players.
    • Build on our learnings from 2023 to deliver content regularly for Dragonflight and Classic.
    • Update and modernize your experience and quality of life in all flavors of WoW.
    • Listen to your feedback and keep improving.
  • #2. Deliver the first installment of our most ambitious story with The War Within.
    • World of Warcraft: The War Within is preparing to invite players for testing in the coming months, and we are working hard to deliver on the epic journey of our Worldsoul Saga.
  • #3. Try new things and take risks to bring you new experiences.
    • Our development team  is trying new approaches. Invention and creativity are critical to this ever-evolving world of Azeroth we craft for—and with—all of you.

All that in mind, immediately ahead of us we have WoW Classic: Season of Discovery Phase 2 launching on February 8 at 1:00 p.m. (21:00 GMT)  globally. For more details, get the full scoop from our overview. You’ll notice some new approaches mentioned there that we’re trying out and (as always) we will listen to feedback. (“New runes, a new PvP experience, skill books, and more!)

WoW Classic Hardcore’s Self-Found mode is coming in late February, followed shortly after by the Beta for Cataclysm Classic. More news on that will be coming soon.

As many have noticed, this is the first period of time since Dragonflight launched that we haven’t had an active PTR and we understand that it is creating some curiosity.

For the 10.2.6 patch for Dragonflight, we created what we think is a unique event inspired by past musings from the community. We can say that it is open to anyone with a WoW subscription if they want to participate (Classic or Dragonflight players). That’s all we’re going say. Sorry, not sorry?  Our goal is to continue to keep it secret— and keep it safe. The speculation is great! We watched the reaction to the surprises in Season of Discovery and thought we’d try a similar, but different, approach for Dragonflight.

That means there will be no PTR (Public Test Realm) for a portion of the next content update as we have traditionally done. What we can say is that it will be coming in March. A finer point, but the update will also include everything that’s needed for Dragonflight Season 4 but will be hidden. Around (after) the launch of the update we will make Season 4 available for testing on a 10.2.6 PTR before it goes live.

Why are we doing this? We like the idea of releasing content that has some surprises and isn’t datamined or revealed in advance. We also like to see the joy the community gets out of uncovering it all together as they all jump in to play. We look forward to seeing if the community likes this type of surprise and look forward to hearing your feedback. This is risky experiment and could be a bit bumpy, though we are doing everything we can to ensure success.

The WoW team prides itself on ensuring a solid, quality launch. We are sensitive and reactive to problems and issues that can and might arise, so I hope you can forgive us if we experience some hiccups with this experiment and work alongside us as we try this out in March. ALL WILL BE REVEALED THEN!

With gratitude and excitement for the new memories we create together,

Holly Longdale 

Show Your Gratitude During Love is in the Air

Quote from: Blizzard

Love lingers in the air around Azeroth, and the time has come to shower those closest to your heart with generosity and compassion and show them your genuine appreciation of kindness and affection during this holiday celebration.

The Love is in the Air event has been re-imagined with fresh rewards, new quests and locations, and more!

When: February 5–19
Where: Located outside Orgrimmar and Stormwind, with portals to the Gala of Gifts found in major cities around Azeroth.

With help from the Artisan’s Consortium, Stormwind and Orgrimmar are putting on a Gala of Gifts! Complete quests, defeat Apothecary Hummel, or donate to the Artisan’s Consortium to earn Love Tokens, which can be exchanged for exquisite new rewards.

Something is in the air in the major cities across Azeroth. Artisans have come together to put on the Gala of Gifts, where townsfolk can get tokens of kindness and affection for their loved ones.

Getting to the Gala

The Gala of Gifts can be found outside Stormwind and Orgrimmar, with portals to the gala located in major cities across Azeroth. Gala directors Luciano Delgado (Alliance) and Mahaja Cloudsong (Horde) will help ensure you enjoy your time at the Gala of Gifts.

The Trouble with Love

A new yearly questline is available—Inspector Snip Snagglebolt and Detective Snap Snagglebolt are on the case again! The Crown Chemical Co. has been kicked out, but something still smells like trouble… Team up with Snagglebolt and his new companion, O.D.I.E., the robotic canine, to sniff out the mystery!

Treat Yourself

Practice self-love by relaxing, relieving stress, and whatever self-care means when you make a scenic getaway through a magic portal, helping others as you revisit interesting places around Azeroth.

To escape to a world of tranquil peace, visit the following daily quest-givers, Gabbo Blinkwink (Alliance) and Aurora Vabsley (Horde). To pamper yourself in self-love, visit the daily quest-givers, Ying (Alliance) and Ning (Horde).

For the Love of Rewards

New rewards are available from holiday vendors, including a new mount, pet, and more:

Someone once told this Heartseeker Mana Ray it was adorable. It has been pursuing that positive feeling ever since.
Whereas some moths are attracted to light, the Heartseeker Moth seems attracted to warm, fuzzy feelings. Some say the phrase “butterflies in your stomach” actually refers to an infestation of Heartseeker Moths.
Share the love with the stylish Exquisite Love Boat Toy that comfortably seats four.
A rose by any other name…show your true appreciation with an Eternal Rose cosmetic customization.

Love, the Ultimate Achievement

Two new achievements are available:

Hotfixes: February 1, 2024

Quote from: Blizzard

February 1, 2024


  • Fixed an issue in which the achievement Battle Mender: Season 3 was not providing progress.


  • Mage
    • Shifting Power’s visual will now appear smaller and should be less disruptive for the Mage’s allies.

Dungeons and Raids

  • Amirdrassil, the Dream’s Hope
    • Fyrakk the Blazing
      • Flamebound and Shadowbound are no longer private auras.
      • Developers’ notes: We’ve observed that the common strategy for players executing the Flamebound and Shadowbound mechanics on Mythic Fyrakk involves cumbersome addon/macro setup and execution. Our goal with this change is to remove this burden for players who are progressing on this encounter and refocus the challenge on the gameplay.
  • Blackrook Hold
    • Fixed an issue where the enemies around Lady Velendras Ravencrest do not have linked aggro.
  • Dawn of the Infinite: Galakrond’s Fall
    • Fixed an issue where Manifested Timeways can occasionally cast Unwind during keystones.
  • The Everbloom
    • Fixed an issue where the Ancient Protectors encounter can fail to respawn.
    • Fixed an issue where Archmage Sol can cast Cinderbolt Storm twice after gaining Fire Affinity.
    • Fixed an issue where the mages before Archmage Sol were not resetting their health after they left combat.

Pet Battles

  • Fixed an issue causing several multi-hit Battle Pet abilities to have a chance to ignore on-death passives such as Undead or Mechanical resurrection.

Player versus Player

  • Fixed an issue causing Stoneform and Fireblood to trigger a longer cooldown for Gladiator’s Medallion than intended.

New Battle.net Shop Ingame Items: Murkmorpher Toy & the Twilight Pack

Quote from: Blizzard

Make a mighty morphing moment for yourself or your party members when you deploy the Murkmorpher toy.* Deploying the toy will temporarily change your appearance into an ever-popular Westfall Story Murloc or other random, colorful variant of the amphibious biped variety.

Players can morph themselves and other party members into playful murlocs once every 60 minutes. The transformation lasts 20 minutes and stays active in combat, even after death.

Make Murloc Morphing Magic

* Not available in World of Warcraft Classic games and requires World of Warcraft® Subscription or Game Time.

Prowl the Night in Style with the Twilight Pack

Quote from: Blizzard

Slip into the moonrise when you don the Twilight Witch’s Attire, and slink through the gloaming recesses of the waning dark astride the Twilight Sky Prowler in this ethereal bundle.

The Twilight Pack is available until February 29, 2024, and Includes:

  • Twilight Sky Prowler Flying Mount
  • Twilight Witch’s Hat
  • Twilight Witch’s Shoulders
  • Twilight Witch’s Blouse
  • Twilight Witch’s Sash
  • Twilight Witch’s Skirt
  • Twilight Witch’s Boots
  • Twilight Witch’s Gloves

Roam in the Twilight Now

* Requires World of Warcraft® Subscription or Game Time. Not available in World of Warcraft® Classic games.
** Items in The Twilight Pack may arrive in a future rotation of the Trading Post, but no sooner than three months after the set leaves the Shop.

Love Blossoms this Month in the February Trading Post

Quote from: Blizzard

Join the vendors at the Trading Post to commemorate their one-year anniversary where they will be offering two steeply discounted items, the Mannequin’s Charm toy and X-53 Rocket, and earn an extra 500 Trader’s Tender this month! Cast a spell with this month’s signature item the Love Witch’s Attire transmog ensemble.

Commemorate the One Year Anniversary of the Trading Post

It’s been one year since T&W (Tawney and Wilder) and the Zen’shiri Trading Posts opened their doors. To commemorate the occasion, visit their festively decorated stalls where you’ll find two special items in their wares available at a low LOW price you can’t afford to pass up.

Mannequin Charm
“Represent the Trading Post”
Item Type: Toy
Cost: 10 Trader’s Tender

X-53 Touring Rocket
“Riding a giant cylinder filled with highly explosive goblin rocket fuel all by yourself is just crazy…so bring a friend.”
Item Type: Two-Passenger Mount
Cost: 100 Trader’s Tender

This month you’ll also be able to earn an additional 500 Trader’s Tender by participating in activities from the Traveler’s Log found in the Adventure Guide (Shift-J).

Visit T&W** (Tawney and Wilder) just outside the Mage District in Stormwind or the Zen’shiri Trading Post next to Grommash Hold in Orgrimmar to check out all the latest items*** they have available.

Ride the Final Surge to the Finish

This month, new activities are available to help players catch up on their activity bar. These events will begin one week before the end of the month.

Here’s What’s in Stock for February

Pets, Mounts, and Toys

Armor Transmogs

Battlewraps of the Honored Valarjar
Item Type: Head, Shoulder, Chest, Waist, Legs, Feet, Wrist, Hand, Cloak
Cost: 600 Trader’s Tender

Weapon Transmogs

Fluorescent Splitblade
Item Type: 2-Hand Sword
Cost: 250 Trader’s Tender

This Month’s Bonus Reward

Love Witch's Attire
Love Witch’s Attire
A blossoming of love and happiness has sparked stories this mysterious coven has risen again.

Complete activities to fill the bar at the top of the Traveler’s Log found in the Adventure Guide (Shift-J)***, and you’ll receive this month’s bonus reward— the Love Witch’s Attire ensemble. This 7-piece set includes head, shoulder, chest, waist, legs, feet, and hand.

Hotfixes: January 30, 2024

Quote from: Blizzard

January 30, 2024


  • The Title and Achievement Champion of the Dragonflights are now available to those who have completed the quest “Fair Skies and Strong Winds”.
  • Adjusted Sergeant Quackers’ responsiveness so that he is now more lenient with the number of nearby ducks he requires before joining the fight for Ducks in a Row.


  • Shaman
    • Resolved an issue causing Poison Cleansing Totem to not ignore line of sight.
    • Elemental
      • Corrected an issue where your character could sometimes get stuck in a state where they cannot use Lava Burst when previously having been talented into Elemental Blast.
      • Resolved an issue causing Primordial Bond to be incorrectly removed when an elemental dies or despawns while another elemental is active.


  • Atal’Dazar
    • Addressed an issue where the Rezan encounter can unexpectedly reset.
  • Dawn of the Infinite: Rise of Murozond
    • Addressed an issue where the visual for Spark of Tyr does not snap to ground.
    • Addressed an issue where Spark of Tyr will immediately trigger if the target has immunity.
  • Everbloom
    • Addressed an issue with the Ancient Protectors encounter where players can get stuck in combat and unable to release if Dulhu is pulled out of the boss area.
    • Addressed an issue where Witherbark can be pulled out of the encounter area.


  • Fixed an issue where immunity effects on the player could prevent Fyrakk’s Tainted Rageheart from dealing damage to enemies.
  • The Verdant Gladiator’s Shotel cosmetic should now be purchasable from Glamora.

Player versus Player

  • Iridal, the Earth’s Master damage-on use-effect now deals 10% of its damage (was 30%) in PvP combat.
  • Death Knight
    • Unholy
      • Resolved an issue causing Outbreak to not apply Virulent Plague to enemy totems, Psyfiend, and Observer.

Prime Gaming Loot: Get the Cap’n Crackers Pet

Quote from: Blizzard

We’re teaming up with Amazon Prime Gaming* for a special offer From January 30, 2024, at 9:30 a.m. PST (16:30 GMT)  until February 27, 2024, at 9:29 PST (17:30 GMT) Prime Gaming subscribers can claim the Cap’n Crackers pet*.

Claim Offer

A parrot wearing a pirate hat with a bandoleer across its chest.
“Don’t say anything to Cap’n Crackers that you don’t want repeated to you every day for the next 20 years.”

Not a Prime Gaming member? Click here to activate your account or start a FREE 30-day trial!

Claim Offer


Become a Prime Gaming Member:

  1. If you don’t already have a Twitch account, create one here.
  2. If you don’t already have a Prime account, sign up for a FREE trial.
  3. Connect your Twitch account to your Prime account here.

Link Your Blizzard and Twitch Accounts:

  1. Log in to your Twitch account.
  2. If you don’t already have a Blizzard account, create one here.
  3. Navigate to the Twitch Connections page in the Settings menu.
  4. Locate the Blizzard Battle.net section and choose your gameplay region.
  5. Log in to the Blizzard account you wish to link and click Log in to Blizzard.

Claim Your Prime Gaming Offer:

  1. Visit the Prime Gaming Rewards page for World of Warcraft.
  2. Log in to your Prime Gaming account and authorize.
  3. Verify your linked Blizzard account and click Claim Your Loot.
  4. Success! You are ready to redeem your items in-game.

Redeem Your Rewards:

  1. Launch the Blizzard Battle.net desktop app.
  2. Log in to your linked Blizzard account.
  3. Launch World of Warcraft.
  4. The Cap’n Crackers pet will appear in each character’s Collections interface.

Before linking your Twitch and Blizzard accounts, check to see that you’re not logged in to any other Blizzard accounts at the same time in the same browser, as this could cause complications. For the best results, complete the process in “private browsing” or “incognito” mode.

Once you claim a Prime Gaming reward for World of Warcraft, and if you remain an active Prime Gaming member, all future rewards in the campaign will be automatically applied to the same Blizzard account and cannot be transferred. Be sure that your preferred Blizzard account is connected to your Twitch account at the time of enrolling!

*Offer only available where Prime Gaming is available.
**Prime Gaming items not available in WoW Classic games.