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WoW Hotfixes – 4 August, Dragonflight Zone Preview: Thaldraszus, Dragonflight City Preview: Valdrakken

This morning we get a small batch of hotfixes that focus on a couple of bugs. In addition to that last night Blizzard released 2 new Dragonflight previews! One for the zone Thaldraszus and one for the new capital city Valdrakken.

WoW Hotfixes – 4 August

Quote from: Blizzard

AUGUST 4, 2022

Dungeons and Raids

  • Mythic+
    • Affixes
      • Quaking
        • Players will no longer be damaged by Quaking during Skulloc’s Gronn Smash in Iron Docks and during Grimrail Depot cutscenes.
    • Grimrail Depot
      • Skylord Tovra
        • Fixed an issue that could prevent Skylord Tovra from appearing once conditions were met.

Items and Rewards

  • Fixed an issue where the spell effect on Ring of Collapsing Futures was scaling incorrectly.

Dragonflight Zone Preview: Thaldraszus

Quote from: Blizzard

Thaldraszus, a wonderous mountain region in the Dragon Isles, is the cradle of dragon civilization. From formidable structures to complex waterways, titan and dragon influence can be found throughout its diverse biomes. The sense of history in this region is palpable, and it feels alive with the spark of possibility.

The bronze dragons used the Temporal Conflux as a seat of power. Its vast libraries of knowledge contain the secrets of the timeways, as well as the Bronze Oathstone that symbolizes their calling to protect all time.

While titan-forged spaces bear distinctive architecture, the places established by the dragons reflect the most cultured aspects of dragon society. The dragons built vast structures, the most glorious of which was Valdrakken. From the top of this grand city, the Aspects passed laws and directed their protection of Azeroth.

Also nestled in the heart of Thaldraszus is Tyrhold, home to the Halls of Infusion. A mysterious place that has been locked away for millennia and holds the secrets that Tyr left behind.

The land is filled with a variety of life that you will see as you traverse through Thaldraszus:

Valdrakken Scaleworn
Valdrakken Scaleworn
Giant Mantis
Giant Mantis
Primal Beetle
Primal Beetle

Thaldraszus is filled with history beckoning to be uncovered. Dive into the mysteries of the past in ancient lands.

We look forward to sharing more details as development continues on Dragonflight. Visit the Dragonflight site to pre-order. Check WorldofWarcraft.com/news for updates and follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

See you in the Dragon Isles!

Dragonflight City Preview: Valdrakken

Quote from: Blizzard

A shining treasure within Thaldraszus, Valdrakken is a testament to the power of cooperation between the dragonflights and dragonkin. It serves as a hub of activity for all who visit the Dragon Isles and provides a variety of services.

This bejeweled city is a feast for the eyes and ears, with waterfalls cascading down the mountain surrounding the city and breathtaking views overlooking nearby Tyrhold. There is a tranquility here even as the Dragonflights work with their allies to reclaim their homeland and reestablish a presence in their city.

Key Features:

  • Bank
  • Black Market Auction House
  • PvP Vendors
  • Auction House
  • Crafting Stations
  • Profession Trainers
  • Void Storage
  • Transmogrifier
  • Barbershop
  • Portals to Orgrimmar and Stormwind
  • Questing

Seat of the Aspects: Portals to Orgrimmar and Stormwind

Located in the largest building toward the center of the city is the Seat of the Aspects along with portals to Orgrimmar and Stormwind.

Inn: The Roasted Ram

Take a load off and stretch your limbs (or wings if you have them) in the Roasted Ram inn near the center of the city.

Crafter’s Consortium

A bustling hub of commerce within the city, the Crafter’s Consortium is where crafters and patrons come together. Patrons can place Crafting Orders, or crafters can meet up at the various crafting stations to hone their skills, pick up a Crafting Order, or even recraft goods.

A Home for Every Dragonflight

Each of the dragonflights has their own areas to explore within Valdrakken.

The Blue Dragonflight houses a public library, and you can also visit a couple of the flight members taking time for a bit of tea on one of the balconies looking out over the majestic views of Thaldraszus.

The Green and Red Dragonflights house private gardens filled with shades of verdant green and striking red flora.

You’ll find the Black Dragonflight housing a variety of additional services, including Gear Upgrade Vendors, PvP Vendors, Forge, Anvil, Blacksmithing, and Mining.

The Bronze Dragonflight hosts the Timewalkers faction, a group of dragons and mortals dedicated to studying and preserving the timeways.

There’s plenty to discover in this majestic metropolis. Whether you’re visiting for profit or as a place to rest between your adventures, you’ll find what you need here.

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