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Warcraft Mobile Game Reveal Next Week (May 3rd), PvP concerns for Dragonflight

Blizzard just announced that the reveal for the first Warcraft mobile game will take place next tuesday at 10am PT / 19:00 CEST! Additionally Brian Holinka answered some questions of the Community Council about PvP in Dragonflight:

Warcraft Mobile Game Reveal Next Week (May 3rd)

PvP concerns for Dragonflight

Quote from: Blizzard

Will interrupt be on the talent tree forcing people to lose one extra point towards being viable in PvP? Will we lose a ton of passives for filler on the talent trees?
We can understand players trepidation about what abilities will and will not end up in the talent tree. It’s something we’re currently iterating on a great deal. But players will receive 1 talent point for each level between level 10 and 60, 26 class points and 25 spec points for a total of 51 points. Frankly, it’s hard to really put concerns to rest through a forum post. We’re working to get some talent trees in front of the community as quickly as we can so we can work together to iterate on what designs provide compelling choices and player agency balanced with familiarity.

How will ranked Solo Shuffle work? Is it actually happening?
It would be good to clarify that when we’re talking about Solo Queue Rated PvP in 10.0, we are talking specifically about Rated Solo Shuffle. The feature will function in the same way it does as the brawl, with 6 rounds and rotating teams, queueable in the ranked Arena queueing tab. The team is working through some of the intricacies of rewards in the game mode as we want it to have it’s own prestigious reward, although players will certaintly be able to attain Elite gear – more info to come in the future.

Will the Pvp talents be the same or different (Seems to be two different answers from two different people from different interviews) for Dragonflight?
The PvP talent system will exist in its current form – an available pool of talents that players can pick 3 from, with the talents being accessible in all types of PvP content (warmode and instanced). That being said, we expect the new talent system to have a lot of interesting choices for PvP players in how to customize their characters between different types of PvP content and compositions.

Will the Pvp talent trees include stuff that has been removed from PvP talents/Talent trees?
Not exactly sure what is meant here, so I’ll have to ask you for more clarification.

Will people not in warmode get access to PvP talent trees at all or will it be Warmode enabled only?
I believe this was answered above.

Will double PvP trinket set bonus be the same or change again?
We’re happy with how this bonus has worked out. It provides a big boost to players early as they first acquire gear and it has tuning knobs to adjust throughput and stamina separately. It’s possible that it will change but we’re pretty happy with it for now.

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