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The War Within Release Date Revealed: 26 August 2024

The War Within has officially received a release date for both early access, official launch as well as the start date for season 1!

An infographic revealing the four big dates involved with the release of The War Within. Each date is represented by a column, two on the left of the image and two on the right, with an illustration of Xal’atath in the center, giving an ominous grin. The War Within logo sits below her, with large text that reads “Launch Roadmap”. The four columns read as follows: 

On the outer left column: “Now Live – Beta – Upgrade to the Epic Edition for Beta access.”

On the inner left column: “August 22 – Early Access – Be the first in line to answer the call with The War Within Epic Edition.”

On the inner right column: “August 26 – Launch – Take the fight below in the first chapter of The Worldsoul Saga.”

On the outer right column: “September 10 – Season 1 – Battle nerubian forces at the heart of Azj-Kahet in the expansion’s first raid.”

Small text at the bottom reads “Early Access starts on August 22, 3pm PDT and Launch is on August 26, 3pm PDT”.

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