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The Creation Catalyst is Coming the Week of 12 April, Hotfixes: April 6-8, 2022

With the Creation Catalyst finally activating next week to allow you to create tier gear pieces, Blizzard has released a post explaining the basics and answering some frequently asked questions.

The Creation Catalyst is Coming the Week of 12 April

Quote from: Blizzard


The Creation Catalyst will become available to players after scheduled maintenance the week of 12 April. To access it, you will travel to the far south area of Zereth Mortis that is the Catalyst Gardens. The Creation Catalyst is on a floating island above the main pool area and can be reached via flying or using a small teleporter right below it.

At a base level, how it works is you input a piece of Season 3 gear and a corresponding tier set piece will be made with a matching item level. The useable items can be Season 3 gear from raids, Mythic+, PvP, World Boss Antros, or items purchased with Sandworn Relics from Rafiq in Pilgrim’s Grace, Zereth Mortis. The applicable slots are helms, shoulders, cloaks, chests, bracers, gloves, belts, legs, and boots. Note that the 2-piece and 4-piece set bonuses will only be on the helms, shoulders, chests, gloves, and legs.

The Creation Catalyst can transform one item per week, but it can store up these charges so that if you miss a week you’ll be able to create two set pieces the following week, and alts or players who come along later in the Season may be able to create an entire set if they have the Flux for it.

The Catalyst will use the Cosmic Flux currency that is earned from a wide variety of activities in the game. The costs for the different item slots are:

  • Bracers and Cloaks: 600
  • Belts and Boots: 800
  • Gloves and Shoulders: 1200
  • Chests, Helms, and Legs: 1500

If a character vendored, disenchanted, or destroyed a Season 3 item that you want to use for this system, please visit the World of Warcraft Item Restoration page for assistance.

Some additional details:
Q: When creating tier set items with the Creation Catalyst, what is the item level of the tier piece after the process is complete? Is it the same item level as the base piece given to the Creation Catalyst or are there item level ranges that snap to LFR, Normal, Heroic, and Mythic item levels for tier?
A: The resulting item will have the same item level of the item that you put into the catalyst. It also keeps Mythic/PvP upgrade paths, tertiary stats (leech, speed, etc.), and sockets.

Q: Are tier set items created by the Creation Catalyst upgradeable or do you need to remake the tier with a higher item level base piece?
A: You’ll want to remake it with a higher item level base piece, unless the initial version had an upgrade path from PvP or Mythic+ and you earned currency to allow it to be upgraded in that way. For example, if you convert a non-set 9/12 helm from Mythic+ to a 9/12 tier piece, you will be able to use the Valor currency to upgrade it to a 12/12 tier piece.

Q: What secondary stats (Haste, Versatility, etc.) will be on the items made by the Creation Catalyst?
A: The tier pieces all have specific secondary stats regardless of what item is put into the system, only the tertiary stats (Leech, Speed, etc.), and sockets carry over.

Hotfixes: April 6-8, 2022

Quote from: Blizzard

April 8, 2022


  • Hunter
    • Survival
      • Corrected an issue where Wildfire Infusion talented variants of Wildfire Bomb could sometimes incorrectly deal damage to a single target multiple times from a single Wildfire Bomb cast.

Dungeons and Raids

  • Sepulcher of the First Ones
    • Non-boss enemies
      • Dominated Shaper, Overthrown Protector, and Overthrown Artisan’s Enveloping Dread range reduced to 40 yards (was 100 yards).
    • Vigilant Guardian
      • Fixed an issue where Dancing Rune Weapon would not correctly mimic a Blood Death Knight’s ability while in combat with the Vigilant Guardian.
    • Lihuvim, Principal Architect
      • Deconstructing Blast should now be cast more reliably on all difficulties.
    • Halondrus
      • Fixed an issue that allowed players to encounter Halondrus before completing the Skolex and Artificer Xy’mox encounters.
    • Anduin Wrynn
      • Fixed an issue that caused the Domination’s Grasp Raid Finder section to stop accepting new members after Anduin was defeated.

April 7, 2022


  • Shaman
    • Corrected some issues with enemy abilities incorrectly interrupting Fae Transfusion when applied to the player.

Dungeons and Raids

  • Mythic+
    • Encrypted Affix
      • Fixed an issue that caused Decrypted Urh Cypher to not reduce the cooldown of Vanquisher’s Hammer (Paladin Necrolord Ability).

April 6, 2022


  • World Quests in Zereth Mortis should now count for “The World Beyond” achievement.


  • World Quests in Zereth Mortis will now contribute progress to quest The World Awaits.

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