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Shadowlands Season 4 Great Vault Details, Havoc Demon Hunter Concerns, Hotfixes: August 1, 2022, Introducing the WoW Variety Show!

While Blizzard doubles down on the last minute change to making the Slime Cat mount earnable on Normal mode and higher, Blizzard has released more details about the Great Vault, replied to Demon Hunter concerns and has released some last minute tuning in Castle Nathria.

Shadowlands Season 4 Great Vault Details

Quote from: Blizzard

With Shadowlands Season 4 starting this week, we want to provide extra clarification on this week’s Great Vault. Here’s what to expect:

  • Time a Mythic+ 18 to earn a +15 keystone this week.
  • Season 4 Great Vault rewards will begin with 10 August weekly resets.
  • Attendant’s Tokens of Merit selected this week can only be sold for 1000 gold each.

Havoc Demon Hunter Concerns

Quote from: Blizzard
Thank you for the post. We understand your frustration and want to take this opportunity to explain why there won’t be any changes to address the issue in Shadowlands. First, we largely view this as a preferred playstyle issue and not a balance one. Upon reviewing balance across all content formats, we didn’t see any reason to make changes to Havoc specifically. Second, the primary issue that we’re hearing is that some players do not enjoy the playstyle of maintaining Sinful Brand uptime through Eye Beam. We don’t think this point of the expansion is the appropriate time to disrupt players that have made significant investment into playing Havoc this way. However, we acknowledge the feedback you’re giving and we’ll be sure not to bring this particular gameplay forward into Dragonflight.

Hotfixes: August 1, 2022

Quote from: Blizzard

August 1, 2022

Dungeons and Raids

  • Castle Nathria
    • Stone Legion Generals
      • General Kaal’s Wicked Blade no longer triggers Wicked Blast on Heroic difficulty.
      • General Grashaal’s Reverberating Eruption cast time increased to 5 seconds on Normal and Heroic difficulties.
      • Stone Legion Goliath’s Ravenous Hunger damage increase is now 40% in Raid Finder, 50% in Normal, and 50% in Heroic difficulty (was 45%/60%/75%).
      • Stone Legion Goliath’s Soultaint Effigy is now triggered at 15% health on Heroic difficulty (was 20%).
      • Delivered large Anima Orbs now give Prince Renathal 40% mana on Heroic difficulty.
      • Delivered small Anima Orbs now give Prince Renathal 15% mana on Raid Finder, Normal, and Heroic difficulties.
      • Shattering Blast knockback has been decreased on all difficulties.

Player versus Player

  • Fixed an interaction with Demonology Warlock’s Call Observer (PvP Talent) and Balance Druid’s Fury of Elune (Talent) that was causing more damage than intended.

Burning Crusade Classic

  • Heroic dungeons now require level 70 to enter.

Introducing the WoW Variety Show!

Quote from: Blizzard

The WoW© Variety Show is a new three-event live broadcast coming to Twitch on August 24!

For glory and honor, a mix of renowned Warcraft Celebrity Contestants and chosen community members will go head-to-head as they compete in a triathlon of unique WoW activities. Players will have to show off their in-game knowledge, mastery of leveling, and speed in our specially-tailored segments for bragging rights over their fellow heroes and a slew of giveaway prizes. Read on for details of each event, and be sure to both register here and join the Variety Show Discord before the event goes live on Twitch!


We’ve seen what some of our favorite friendly faces can do at max level, but now we’re taking them back to where it all began. Hosted on live servers, four Warcraft Celebrity Contestants will have exactly one hour to level a fresh character as high as possible, with a series of additional tasks and challenges to face along the way!

Scavenger Hunt

From lore to unsolved mysteries, the Warcraft universe is filled with all sorts of hidden items. Faced with riddles, puzzles, and plenty of things to find, teams of five will need to work together, making the most of their time as they scour the zones and complete as many scavenger tasks as possible! Register today to start your search, because spots are limited.

Footrace Through Azeroth

The final activity comes down to a test of speed and strategy, as players will fight without flight on a footrace through Azeroth! Grab your ground-mounts and go sign-up today. May the fastest hero win!



Who can register?

  • The first Variety Show is limited to players from North America. Full eligibility and rules can be found here.

When does registration close?

  • Signups will be open until 11:00 am (PT) on August 15.

Who are the four WoW Celebrity Contestants?

  • The four will be revealed in the coming weeks! Make sure to follow us on Twitter to catch who will be joining the broadcast.

What prizes are being given away?

  • We will be giving away a variety of in-game goodies–Game Time, Mounts, Pets, and some special surprises–to players throughout the broadcast.

How many spots are available?

  • Spots are limited! The four Celebrity Captains will be joined by a further four registered players to join each of their teams, be sure to sign up for a chance to be selected. The Footrace Across Azeroth is open to additional players. Limiting spots allows us to ensure the best experience for everyone as we experiment with our first Variety Show.

How often will you be hosting the Variety Show?

  • Only time will tell! Let’s see how the first one goes before we plan on the second.

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