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Patch 10.2 Final PTR Development Notes 6 November 2023, Item Conversions with Guardians of the Dream

Quote from: Blizzard

Here is the latest updates to the Guardians of the Dream PTR. The patch notes article will be updated with this information shortly.


  • At the beginning of Season 3 (November 14 in this region), Keystones will drop 11 levels in addition to any normal weekly reduction that may have occurred. Here’s what that might look like:
    • Example 1: You completed a +15 the week of November 7-14, but didn’t time it. The resulting key would normally drop by 1 level, because your highest key wasn’t timed (15 > 14). It will then drop an additional 11 levels due to the season rollover decay (14 > 3).
    • Example 2: You timed a +15 the week of November 7-14. The resulting key would normally be level 15, because you had timed the 15 last week. But would then drop the additional 11 levels due to season rollover decay (15 > 4).


      • Pools of Sanguine Ichor are now treated as connected, and moving between connected pools will no longer apply an additional application of Sanguine Ichor.


    • Undulating Sporecloak shield and healing reduced by 79% (was 50%), Versatility reduced by 75% while above 70% health, and healing over time effect reduced by 80%.
      • Developers’ note: We are making some adjustments to the values of Undulating Sporecloak’s bonuses in Guardians of the Dream. In Fury Incarnate, it provides healing at high health and an absorb shield when you fall to low health. In Guardians of the Dream, to preserve its oscillating fantasy, we made the absorb shield less effective at protecting players who make otherwise fatal mistakes in exchange for rewarding safe gameplay with a Versatility bonus when above 70% health. This Versatility, after playtesting, provided more throughput than intended. Today’s number changes to the Guardians of the Dream version keep the cloak as a solid option for players who want more defensiveness, but reduce its throughput value compared to other Embellishments offered by Professions.
Quote from: Blizzard

With the Guardians of the Dream patch, the following conversions will happen:

  • Flightstones earned in Dragonflight Season 2 will be converted to gold.
  • Shadowflame Crests and Crest Fragments will become grey items.

As we outlined here, you’ll resume earning Flightstones and start receiving the new Dreaming Crests currency and Spark of Dreams crafting reagent in Guardians of the Dream.

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