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Patch 10.1 Dev Interview/Datamining Information Roundup Part 2

More interviews have come out for patch 10.1 and datamining has started as well!

Below is a roundup of new information, of course you can expect some spoilers:


  • Worgen are getting a new spell that will allow them to automatically go back to human form when leaving combat  (Wowhead)


  • They are looking at alternative ways to obtain set bonus items. Possible ideas are an item from the end boss that can turn into any set piece or an achievement that will allow you to get a new set piece.  (Echo)
  • New class trinkets will be dropping in the new raid  (Wowhead)
  • If the datamining is correct, a lot of the epic profession items won’t require a Spark of Ingenuity\Primal Chaos anymore for crafting the base item  (MMO-Champion)

Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible Raid

  • All 9 bosses have been datamined and are in the dungeon journal: (1) Kazzara, (2) Molgoth, (3) Experimentation of Dracthyr, (4) Zaqali Invasion, (5) Rashok, (6) Zskarn, (7) Magmorax, (8) Neltharion and (9) Scalecommander Sarkareth  (Wowhead)

General Datamining

Full Interviews/Sources:
Dev Interview Echo
Wowhead Datamining – Worgen Form
Wowhead Datamining – Class Trinkets
Wowhead Datamining – Raid Bosses
Wowhead Datamining – NPC Models (1)
Wowhead Datamining – NPC Models (2)
Wowhead Datamining – NPC/Pet Models
Wowhead Datamining – Weapon Models (1)
Wowhead Datamining – Weapon Models (2)
Wowhead Datamining – Weapon Models (3)
MMO-Champion Datamining – Icons
MMO-Champion Datamining – Profession Spells

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