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New Battle.net Shop Ingame Items: Murkmorpher Toy & the Twilight Pack

Quote from: Blizzard

Make a mighty morphing moment for yourself or your party members when you deploy the Murkmorpher toy.* Deploying the toy will temporarily change your appearance into an ever-popular Westfall Story Murloc or other random, colorful variant of the amphibious biped variety.

Players can morph themselves and other party members into playful murlocs once every 60 minutes. The transformation lasts 20 minutes and stays active in combat, even after death.

Make Murloc Morphing Magic

* Not available in World of Warcraft Classic games and requires World of Warcraft® Subscription or Game Time.

Prowl the Night in Style with the Twilight Pack

Quote from: Blizzard

Slip into the moonrise when you don the Twilight Witch’s Attire, and slink through the gloaming recesses of the waning dark astride the Twilight Sky Prowler in this ethereal bundle.

The Twilight Pack is available until February 29, 2024, and Includes:

  • Twilight Sky Prowler Flying Mount
  • Twilight Witch’s Hat
  • Twilight Witch’s Shoulders
  • Twilight Witch’s Blouse
  • Twilight Witch’s Sash
  • Twilight Witch’s Skirt
  • Twilight Witch’s Boots
  • Twilight Witch’s Gloves

Roam in the Twilight Now

* Requires World of Warcraft® Subscription or Game Time. Not available in World of Warcraft® Classic games.
** Items in The Twilight Pack may arrive in a future rotation of the Trading Post, but no sooner than three months after the set leaves the Shop.

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