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Nagrand Follower Locations Guide

In Warlords of Draenor you can recruit followers for your garrison each zone. You’ll come across a lot during questing, but the zones are so big you might miss them. As we discover the rarer followers we’ll add them to the liast as well. To help you keep track of them all we’ve compiled a list of all the rares we’ve been able to find. Remember WoD is still in beta, anything can change. If we missed any feel free to leave a comment with the location and name of the rare mob or event. Click on the map for a full size version.

Number Follower Name Image Comments
1 Weldon Barov  photo NagrandFollower1_zps92cbbe49.jpg Lumber Mill required
2 Lantresor of the Blade  photo NagrandFollower2_zps0fe3124d.jpg Complete Hallvador questline
3 Image of Archmage Vargoth Image Missing 1 out of 4 quest items
4 Goldmane the Skinner  photo NagrandFollower4_zps16202d91.jpg
5-1 Abu’gar  photo NagrandFollower5-1_zpsb49da528.jpg You have to collect his 3 fishing items scattered around Nagrand. Turn them in to him (he’s in the middle)
5-2  photo NagrandFollower5-2_zpsb2c0c750.jpg
5-3  photo NagrandFollower5-3_zps0128f89b.jpg



  1. C

    I actually like this guide. I use the Zygor guides and it just lists all the followers in alphabetical order. This helps me go zone-by-zone and prevent going back and forth across all of Draenor.

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