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Liquid Max Dev Interview With Ion Hazzikostas

The leader of the Liquid MMO guild (previously Limit) had a chance to interview Ion Hazzikostas about various Dragonflight things. Below is a summary of the new bits of information we learned from it:

Season 4

  • Overall they are super happy with how season 4 is playing out and they will probably go back to this setup at the end of the next expansion
  • Though the exact implementation of Dinars and upgrade essences will not return but they are thinking about how to continue with bad luck protection


  • Mythic raid difficulty isn’t really meant for PuGs, the mythic raid lockout is meant to encourage people to stay together with a group
  • Cross realm raiding won’t be available right at the release of a new raid but it’s likely it’ll be available sooner
  • Faction changes should not break your lockout, they want to change that
  • Ion has a question for the community: How would you feel about mythic raiding releasing at the same time as normal/heroic raiding?


  • Cross realm guilds might become available later down the line
  • They hope to have cross faction guilds available before the end of Dragonflight


  • They want it to be the most optimal raid setup where you have at least 1 of each class in your raid group
  • It should not be absolutely mandatory that you have every buff available in your group, if it ends up that way they will be looking to tune that down
  • Evokers will get Heroism/Bloodlust
  • Another class will get battle rez, likely paladins but they are not 100% sure yet
  • Druids and Priests will be getting Alpha change communication soon


  • They will take a look at the amount of consumables (oils/stones/armor kits etc) you need for raids/m+


  • With the plans to reintroduce old dungeons for seasons in M+ in DF they will be able to add more new DF dungeons during the expansion
  • They don’t have anything to announce yet, but they are looking to equalize the tuning/difficulty between m+/raids/pvp so that m+ players can also more actively go for the best ilvl loot

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