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Hotfixes: May 10, 2024

Quote from: Blizzard

May 10, 2024


  • Warlock
    • Fixed an issue where the scaling of Inferno would become reduced when Rain of Fire affected more than 5 targets.


  • Dawn of the Infinite end bosses should now drop Awakened Crests.


  • Taivan awoos when summoned, like a good boy.

Non-player Characters

  • Kessa, the Personal Tabard Vendor located in Valdrakken should now be available to all alts after completing the questline to unlock the personal tabard.


  • Tailoring
    • Fixed a bug where Blue Silken Lining was not granting more mastery for equipping a second item embellished with Blue Silken Lining while the buff was already active.


  • Fixed a bug preventing the completion of “Lotus Tea” after completing “The Pools of Youth”.
  • Fixed an issue preventing progress on the quest “Get My Results!”.
  • Players can now call for aid while mounted on the quest “At the Source”.

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