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Normal Spoils of Pandaria Guide

Hey guys I’m Mezzy and this is the guide for the Spoils of Pandaria, the 10th encounter in the Siege of Orgrimmar. In this encounter you do not fight a boss but you have to fight a lot of different mobs instead. The room is divided into 4 quarters, 2 of them are mantid quarters and 2 of them are mogu quarters. You split the raid up into 2 groups, one will start in a mantid quarter and the other in a mogue quarter. Which ever race you faced in the first quarter, you will face the opposite one in the second one. The goal is to open enough crates to defeat a series of mobs. Once these die, energy will be sent into levers. When they get 50 energy you can use it. To get to the other quarter both groups have to have pulled their levers before the time expires. In the second quarter the same applies and you will have to pull the lever once 50 energy is released. There are different types of crates. Massive ones give 14 energy, stout chests give 4 energy and lightweight crates give 1 energy. What we found is that we get exactly 50 energy if we kill all crates except for 1 massive one. You always want to open a few lightweight crates while you are dealing with a massive or stout crate creature so that these can be cleaved down.

There are many mobs in each quarter so today we’ll go over the different spells and mechanics you need to watch out for.

Let’s start out with the positive crates first. In each quarter you can find a few pandaren crates, which you can easily identify by the green paw on the outside. You will want to open these first. If you open these a pandaren spirit will spawn and they need to be killed. Afterwards they will drop an orb that can be clicked and they will buff players of a certain role depending on which pandaren it was.

Brewmasters have a keg toss and a fire breath you need to spread for. Once the brewmaster dies he drops an orb to give tanks the blade of the hundred steps buff. This can proc once every 15 seconds, dealing damage and stunning mobs.

Mistweavers have a crane kick you need to move away from. When this one dies it drops an orb to give healers the staff of resonating water buff. This has a chance to cause a healing tidal wave to proc.

Windwalkers can use Path of Blossoms, which leaves a row of fire flowers which on contact do damage. Avoid walking over these. Whent he windwalker dies it drops an orb giving the buff claw of burning anger. Allowing the dps to do 115k extra fire damage every 5 seconds.

So let’s go on to the Mantid Crates.
The mantid massive crate mob puts debuffs on players called Set to Blow, putting 4 bombs on that player. They can use their extra action button to drop the bombs on the ground which will explode after their timer goes off. You need to put these bombs in corners and places where crates have been cleared up.

The Amberpriests cast a healing buff called residue which needs to be dispelled.

Dodge the windstorms from the wind wielders and dispell the rage of the empress buffs they cast.

Bombardiers throw bombs you need to spread for and not walk into the wind zones they leave behind.

When Kunchongs are up you will have to move away from pheromone clouds.

If you don’t have an enrage dispeller the tank will have to kite warcallers when they enrage.

Let’s move on to the mogu crates.
The massive mogu crate summons an elder. They each have a spell that damages those near the elder so keep your distance. Their second ability is return to stone, damaging random players and summoning a stone statue from them. These stone statues give the elder a stacking damage buff. So kill these statues as soon as they spawn.

Anima golems should be moved out of their healing void zones. Golems use scramble matter to summon 2 light beams in which a player needs to stand in each. To not let it cause harm to the raid.

Ritualists should be moved from their runes of power. Both the healing zones from golems and the runes of power can be used by the players so use them when you can.

The torment debuff increases in damage every few seconds but when it’s dispelled it resets and moves to a new player. So let it hit for a few ticks before dispelling it. Torment gets completely removed when the ritualist dies.

The harden flesh debuff animated stone mogu cast should be interrupted and otherwise dispelled.

Quilen guardians can easily be cleaved down. And lastly sparks of life need to be killed by the ranged dps as they explode after they die.

Both sides come down to practice as there are many different mobs. Always keep opening crates when others die. Always keep to just 1 massive or 1 or 2 stouts with a few lightweight crates at the same time. As we found you can get enough energy by dealing with just 1 massive per area and clearing out the rest of the crates I highly recommend you do so. You should use heroism when things get tough but if things are going well you can use it when you open the massive crate in the 2nd quarter. Lastly don’t forget to open the pandaren crates 1 at a time as soon as possible so you can make most use of the buffs they give you. Good luck in getting this encounter down.

If you liked this guide please comment and subscribe. If you want to watch the entire fight, feel free to watch the rest of this video. I’m Mezzy and i’ll see you again next time.

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