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Normal Sha of Pride Guide

Hey Guys I’m Mezzy and this is the guide for the Sha of Pride, the 4th boss in the Siege of Orgrimmar raid. In this encounter you have to deal with the pride mechanic, you get a resource bar that starts out with 0 pride and different abilities give you pride. If you get to 100 pride you will be mindcontrolled.

Norushen helps you out in this encounter and every so often gives 3 players of which atleast 1 healer a buff called Gift of the Titans, which makes them immune to pride gains. If these players stand close together they will get a buff called Power of the Titans, increasing damage, healing and haste by 15%. For this reason you want to keep the raid stacked up on the back of the Sha.

The tank should keep the sha faced the way he looks before the encounter starts so that the raid will be closer to the add that spawns every so often called Manifestation of Pride. These cast Mocking Blast which deals 225k damage and gives the player hit 5 more pride. This can and should be interrupted. When it dies the 2 closest players to the manifestation gain 5 pride due to the last word ability. The raid needs to kill the manifestations as quickly as possible.

Every minute the sha will use Swelling Pride which does damage, gives you 5 pride and has more consequences depending on how much pride you have. if you have 25 to 49 pride a void zone will be put underneath you, which you need to run out of. So once players get to 25 pride, the entire raid will need to move when swelling pride is cast. These zones only last for a few seconds so afterwards you can move back in.

When you have 50 to 74 pride, other types of zones will spawn called projections. You will need to move in it to prevent it form doing damage to the entire raid. The projection you need to stand in will be marked with a green arrow.

When you have 75 to 99 pride, you will get a debuff that lasts 20 seconds and does damage to nearby players. This means you will have to stand away from the rest of the group untill it’s expired.

So let’s move on to some more regular abilities.

First off the sha casts Wounded Pride on the tank, causing each hit he takes to give the tank 5 more pride. This ,of course, requires a tank switch.

His 2nd ability is called Corrupted Prison. This teleports 2 players on 10man and I’m assuming 4 players on 25man to the prisons around the room. They can be freed by having 2 players stand on the locks as you see in this video. Every second the imprisoned players take damage and gain pride. We assigned 3 people to each prison so that when 1 gets imprisoned the other 2 can still free the person in their assigned prison. If we got really unlucky we called it out on ventrilo so that someone else could assist them. You should mark the prisons with raid markers for easier communication.

The sha also regularly puts a dispellable debuff called Mark of Arrogance on a few players. This does damage and increases their pride every few seconds. This can be dispelled, but dispelling it will give the dispeller 5 pride. So you should to have the healer immune to pride gains dispell the debuff.

Every so often the sha casts Self-Reflection, spawning adds under random raid members. These explode for 250k damage each after 2 seconds, so if you are grouped up this is also a point when you have to spread out. Afterwards you can group up again and kill off the reflections.

Lastly at 30% the sha becomes Unleashed, killing nuroshen and he will start dealing 270k damage to everyone every 10 seconds, increasing their pride by 5. You should use heroism at this point. Norushen resets everyone’s pride to 0 at this point and it becomes a dps race. You shouldn’t however forget to kill the adds that spawn.

Once you get used to moving at the correct times and freeing people from prisons you should be allright.

If you liked this guide please comment and subscribe. If you want to watch the entire fight, feel free to watch the rest of this video. I’m Mezzy and I’ll see you again next time.

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