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Normal Paragons of the Klaxxi Guide

Hey guys I’m Mezzy and this is the guide for the Paragons of the Klaxxi. The 13th encounter in the Siege of Orgrimmar raid. In this encounter you fight all the paragons you woke in the dread wastes. You fight 3 at a time, when one dies a new one enters the fight. The next one that will join is marked by the Ready to fight buff. Because it is random every week which 3 start and the order they join in you will have to learn per klaxxi how to deal with them. After that it’s up to you to choose which one you want to get rid of first. I will suggest however to kill Korven the Prime as soon as he spawns and to save heroism for him. But more on him later. When a paragon is killed they can be clicked to receive a buff to help you out in the fight. Also note that when a klaxxi dies, the other 2 go back to full health and receive a stacking 10% damage buff.

So let’s go over the paragons one at a time.

Starting with Kil’ruk the Wind-Reaver.
Kil’ruk puts a stacking debuff on the tank called Exposed Veins, increasing damage taken from Xaril the POisoned Mind. This is merely a mechanic to prevent the Kil’ruk tank from also tanking Xaril.
His next ability comes in the combination of 2 spells, namely Gouge and Mutilate. He incapacitates the tank and then does a high amount of damage. He also has Death From Above, flying up and then crashing into the ground to do damage in a 5 yard radius. His last and more important ability is Reave. He will leap to a random player and spin around and do damage. When Kil’ruk is dead a dps can pick Reave up. Using this will cause them to leap forward and then spin around to do damage.

Next is Xaril the Poisoned Mind. This one has one of the more complicated abilities to deal with. He will inject players with 1 of 3 colors. Red, blue or yellow. When he chooses a catalyst he will choose one of the 3 colors and people injected with those colors will be affected. Red will cause people to explode for 400k damage, meaning people with red injection will have to stay away from the rest. Blue injection people will explode for 800k damage but it can be shared with 1 other person within 10 yards. In 25man this can be shared with 2 others. Yellow injection people will drop void zones which have to be moved out of.

To share the blue injection damage have yellow injection people group up with them. That way when catalyst blue is chosen the damage will be shared and when the yellow catalyst is chosen those groups can move away from the void zones. Besides that annoying mechanic xaril has 2 other abilities. The first being a debuff called Caustic Blood which is a stackign dot doing damage every 6 seconds. When it reaches 10 stacks it will explode on the raid for 600k damage, the explosion will not happen if the tank uses active mitigation abilities. His second ability is another debuff increasing damage taken by Kil’ruk. Simply meaning the tank who tanks xaril cannot tank kil’ruk. When Xaril dies a healer can pick up an ability from him called Vast Apothecarial Knowledge. WHen activated all healing done will become a buff on the player. When they get hit for damage the stored healing will explode and heal them for that amount.

Let’s move on to Kaz’tik the Manipulator. He summons hungry kunchongs around the room which will be immune to damage due to their Thick Shell. When the kunchong gains full energy it will become mature and will need to be tanked and killed. A mature kunchong has a powerful swipe ability that needs to be avoided. Kaz’tik will mesmerize a player causing them to walk towards a kunchong. They will take 120k damage per second and the kunchong will gain 7 energy per second. When a player reaches the kunchong they will die and the kunchong will get full energy. Mesmerize will stop when the kunchong takes 30% of it’s health in damage. Only when mesmerized will the kunchong be able to take damage. Kaz’tik’s only other ability is a sonic wave that needs to be dodged. When he’s dead a dps can get a summon Immature Kunchong ability from him.

Now onto one of the most troubling paragons: Korven the Prime. Let’s start with the ability that gives trouble, encase amber. When he or another paragon reaches 50% health they will be encased in amber. If this is not killed then it will heal it back to full health. Even with our high dps we had issues with it, so when korven spawns kill him right away. When he reaches 70 or 60 % use heroism and get ready to nuke the amber and korven down. Should you have already defeated Ka’roz you can use the hurl amber ability to instantly destroy the amber. The other ability that makes korven hurt is the combination of shield bash and vicious assault. This will stunt he tank for 6 seconds and deal 300k damage every 3 seconds. To top this the tank will get a stacking debuff increasing the damage taken from vicious assault. When korven is dead a tank can pick up Master of Amber, with which he can put a raid member in amber for 5 seconds. We found this particulairly useful to stop players moving towards kunchongs when they are mesmerized.

Moving on to Iyyokuk the Lucid. He has 2 abilities. The first is Insane Calculation: Fiery Edge with which he will link a few people together. This does more damage to them the closer they are to each other. So move away. This also seems to hurt the klaxxi themselves so get one of the beams to go through the klaxxi you’re killing. His other ability is Diminish, dealing 34% of a players current health to them in damage. If they are under 25% health they will be killed instantly. A healer can pick up Ingenious from his corpse, when activated any heal the healer does will be copied to players of the target’s race and class.

5 down 4 to go, onto Ka’roz the Locust. He will charge to random players dealing 375k damage to anyone in his path. So don’t be between him and another player. His other ability is hurl amber, with which he will jump to a platform and throw amber on the ground which you have to move ouot of. Dps can get the strong legs ability from him, allowing them to jump to his platforms and throw amber. This is the ability that can be used to destroy korven’s amber encasement.

Moving on to Skeer the Bloodseeker. He has 2 abilities, te first being Hewn which is a stacking debuff increasing damage taken from Rik’kal by 10%. This means the Skeer tank can not tank Rik’kal. His other being Bloodletting, which causes bloods to spawn, which need to be killed. These will run towards a paragon and heal them based on how much health the blood has remaining. 2 will spawn in 10man and 3 on 25man. We put marks in each corner where they can spawn and assigned dps to them. If bloods did not spawn in their corner the dps would help out another corner. When skeer is dead, a dps can pick up bloodthirsty. When activated it gives their attacks a chance to spawn blood orbs. Healing the player who walks through them for 10% of their health.

Skeer’s counterpart, Rik’kal the Dissector of course gives his tank a stacking debuff that won’t allow the tank to tank Skeer. Rik’kal also has the ability Injection, which at 10 stacks will cause parasites to spawn. The addition of stacks can be prevented by using active mitigation abilities. If the parasites spawn they will fixate on a player doing 100k damage per second. If they are not killed within 10 seconds they will reset to full health. With his last ability he will mutate a player into an amber scorpion. When a player turns into a scorpion they will take 50k damage per second and will be able to use 4 abilities. Claw is a normal damaging ability. Swipe is a cone attack and it’s damage is doubled on targets that are affected by the third ability: Sting. The last ability they gain is Prey, this allows the player to kill a parasite instantly. When Rik’kal is dead anyone can click him to gain his buff which will turn you into the exact same scorpion for 30 seconds. Although anyone can do so, I suggest a melee dps gets the buff.

Now let’s go over the final klaxxi, Hisek the Swarmkeeper. This is basicly a hunter. He shoots at random people dealing damage. The only other ability he has is called Aim. He will knock a player back so that they are 45 yards away from him. They will be stunned for 5 seconds. He will cast aim and when he shoots it it does 1.4 million damage. This damage can be shared by standing in the line between Hisek and the player. You need to be atleast 5 yards away from others in the line though as when you get hit, anyone standing near you will get extra damage. When he’s dead a dps can pick up Compound Eye from him, it deals more damage the further you are away. And more importantly it increases your targets damage taken by 15% for 10 seconds.

This is a fight where you have to deal with a lot of different abilities in a relatively short time. Because every week the order of the paragons should be different the best way to go about learning this fight is learning to deal with the mechanics one at a time. So a recap on some tips: The Kil’ruk tank cannot tank Xaril and vice versa. Skeer tank cannot tank Rik’kal and vice versa. When korven spawns kill him immediatly. Use heroism at 70 to 60% so you can quickly nuke the amber encasement down. Finally, use the abilities you gain from the klaxxi to your advantage. Good luck with defeating the paragons!

If you liked this guide please comment and subscribe. If you want to watch the rest of this fight feel free to watch the rest of this video. I’m Mezzy and I’ll see you again next time.

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