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Normal Norushen Guide

Hey guys I’m Mezzy and this is the guide for Norushen in the Siege of Orgrimmar Raid. In this fight you don’t fight Norushen but you have to cleanse yourself from corruption and defeat the Amalgam of Corruption to prove yourself to Norushen. The more corruption you have, the less damage you do. Dps who are fully purified will do their full damage. Tanks that are purified will have reduced damage taken and healers will have more healing output.

You start out with 75 corruption. You cleanse yourself of your corruption by going into the trial realm. You go into this by clicking on a golden orb in the room. There are 2 of these on 10man and 5 on 25man. Dps, healers and tanks each have different trials to complete.

Dps have to kill 2 different types of adds who cast a cone and corruption balls you have to dodge. When a dps kills a manifestation or an essence of corruption these will respawn in the normal realm where they have to be killed again. The manifestations need to be tanked in the normal realm by the purified tank. This is with the exception of the first manifestation as the purified tank won’t be out of the trial realm yet. When a manifestation dies it leaves behind a Residual Corruption. This is a void zone that deals 90k damage every few seconds raid wide untill it’s picked up by a player. When it gets picked up the player gains 25 corruption. Because of this you want your purified tank to always pick these up. Should both of them be busy or are high on corruption, let a healer with low corruption do so.

Tanks have to survive against a Titanic Corruption for 1 minute and healers need to keep a few friendly npcs alive for 1 minute.

Once you complete your trial your corruption will be reset to 0.

You want to always have an orb available for a tank to go in if they need to become purified, so the following is how we did it: The left orb as you face the room when you come in was reserved for tanks. The right orb for the rest. We alternated between dps and healer going into the realm and we assigned which order the raiders were going to do so. When neither tank needed to be purified they would call out on ventrilo that the orb was free for the taking. At that point the next person in the list for the right orb would take the left orb so we could speed the purification process up. Once that person was out it would be called again and then we’d check if a tank needed to become purified. And so the process continued so that everyone could become purified.

Once you have that sorted the rest of the figh is pretty straight forward. So let’s go over the Amalgam’s abilities.

The first is Unleashed anger which hits for a large amount. The second thing tanks have to pay attention to is a debuff called Self Doubt. This increases the tank’s damage taken by Unleashed Anger by 40%. So this requires a tankswitch which usually occurs after the tank has come back from the trial realm.

The Amalgam also have an aura that starts out doing 75k damage every 3 seconds. As his health gets lower it will do more damage.

The Amalgam also has a slow moving cutter spell called Blind Hatred. The Amalgam will spin around slowly and you just have to move away from it or die a horrible death.

–50% health stuff–

It should be noted that when you kill an add, all damage you do to the add is done to the boss as well so be sure to prioritize them.

One more thing to note about the Essences of Corruption (the smaller adds) that spawn in the normal realm is that they will cast the ability Expel Corruption. They will fire this at the Amalgam and if it hits him it increases his damage by 5% for 15 seconds. To prevent this from happening intercept it by standing infront of the Essences.

Once you have the purifying order with your raid group down and you take care of the adds properly you should be seeing a kill quite soon. So good luck!

If you liked this guide please comment and subscribe. If you want to watch the entire fight, feel free to watch the rest of this video. Thanks for watching, I’m Mezzy and I’ll see you again next time.

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