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Normal Malkorok Guide

Hey guys I’m Mezzy and this is the guide for Malkorok, the 9th boss in the Siege of Orgrimmar Raid.

Malkorok alternates between two phases, the first one lasts 2 minutes and the 2nd one lasts 20 seconds. Malkorok has a 6 minute enrage timer.During the first phase Malkorok has some gas issues which surrounds the raid in the form of Ancient Miasma. This prevents healing from healing your health up. Instead it creates a shield around you up to 100% of your maximum health. As there are a few abilities that do damage to raiders the healers will have to keep those shields up. When the shield icon is green you will know that that person has a 100% shield.

There are two major mechanics the raid has to be aware of. The first is a combination of two abilities. Over a period of time Malkorok will use Arcing Smash, a cone line ability on a random raid member, and this is marked on the floor before he uses it. You have to remember where this was used. You can do so by just remembering or putting a raid marker on the spot where it was. After he has done 3 smashes he will use Breath of Y’shaarj. This will not be marked and anyone standing where the 3 smashes were will be for 1.2 million shadow damage. This process repeats twice throughout the first phase.

The second mechanic the raid has to be aware of is in the form of Imploding Energy. This will form void zones around the room. 3 will spawn in 10man and 7 in 25man. 1 person has to stand in each void zone. Should you fail to do so, each void zone that is not stood in will do aoe wide damage. If a person does stand in it only they will be damaged. This means people’s shields have to be high. As these void zones can be anywhere in the room the raid has to spread out around the boss.

Another reason to spread out is Seismic Slam. The boss will slam a random player into the air and anyone within 5 yards of them. This also does damage.

Lastly in this phase Malkorok puts a debuff called Fatal strike on the tanks, that increases their damage taken by 10% per stack. This requires a tankswitch at about 3 stacks.

After 2 minutes he will go into the bloodrage phase. All his melee attacks will do 5.5 Million damage but the damage is spread between all players infront of him so the raid has to stack up infront of him. He will also put the debuff Displaced energy onto random raiders. This does 250k damage every 3 seconds and after 9 seconds will explode doing 450k damage to everyone nearby who does not have the debuff. So when you get the debuff you have to run out of the group, call for a dispell and after the dispell run back into the group.

After the phase ends he gains a stacking buff Relentless Assault that gives him 25% more damage. From this point on it’s rinse and repeat. Because you want to make the fight as short as possible, I suggest you use heroism on the pull to make the most use of it when your trinkets proc.

If you liked this guide please comment and subscribe. If you want to watch the entire fight, feel free to watch the rest of this video. For now, I’m Mezzy and I’ll see you again next time.

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