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Normal Kor’kron Dark Shamans Guide

Hey Guys I’m Mezzy and this is the guide for the Kor’kron Dark Shaman, the 7th encounter in the Siege of Orgrimmar raid. In this encounter you face the Dark Shaman Haromm and Kardris and their 2 wolves. Each tank should take 1 shaman and 1 wolf. The wolves have a minor cone attack so these need to be faced away from the raid. The raid shoulld first nuke down the wolves before they switch to the shamans. The shamans share a healthpool so it doesn’t matter which one you attack. Start out in a corner so that the aoe abilities they gain later on can be put there and will vanish later on so you have somewhere to return to.

The shamans start out with 1 ability each. Haromm’s basic ability is called Froststorm Strike, dealing frost damage to the tank and increasing their damage taken by Froststorm Strike by 25% for 30 seconds. This requires a tank switch at 3 to 4 stacks.

Kardris’ ability is called Frosttorm Bolt, which is a high damage frost damage attack.

At 85% health they each gain a new ability.

– Toxic Mist which is an undispellable 30 second dot, cast on random players, dealing damage every 3 seconds and increasing nature damage taken by 10% every 3 seconds. This goes through immunities.

– Toxic Storm which summons a tornado that deals damage, they despawn after 90 seconds. Just stay away from them.

At 65% they gain Foul Stream, which is an AoE on the ground you just shouldn’t stand in.

– Kardris gains Foul Geyser which is a channel ability dealing 300k damage every 0.5 second to anyone near Kardris and it summons Foul Slimes, these have to be kited and killed. Tanks who can aggro them from a distance should do so.

At 50% they gain – Ashen Wall summons a wall of elementals who damage anyone nearby, once again just stand away from them.
– Falling Ash is another AoE on the ground which will kill anyone inside it after about 30 seconds when it explodes. Anyone outside it will still take AoE damage from the explosion.

From this point on it’s making sure you keep moving around the room to get away from the different AoE’s which despawn after a while and killing the poison adds as soon as they spawn. At 25% they gain bloodlust increasing their damage and haste by 25%. THis is the point where your raid should use heroism.

If you liked this guide please comment and subscribe. If you want to watch the entire fight, feel free to watch the rest of this video. I’m Mezzy and I’ll see you again next time.

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