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Normal Immerseus Guide

Hey guys, I’m Mezzy.  We’re working hard on getting all the WoW Weekly content up on the site and to start out with from our guides, here’s one of the first guides we wrote, Immerseus. Looking back on just that we did have some stuff to improve on which we of course have in the later guides! You can find the transcript of the guide after the break!

Welcome to the guide for Immerseus the first boss in the Siege of Orgrimmar raid. Just for this first fight there was a bit of lag going on so other guides will not stutter as this one does. To start off you want to have your raid spread out around half to 3/4ths of the room. Have your healers spread evenly out between the dps. This will help you in defeating Immerseus. So let’s talk about his gimmick. Immerseus starts off with 100 corruption and the goal is to get this down to 0. How you do that we’ll go over in a minute but first let’s cover his normal phase abilities.

The tank should face Immerseus away from the raid because of Corrosive Blast, a cone attack that does 600k shadow damage and it increases the tanks shadow damage taken by 300% for 45 seconds. This requires a tank switch.

It should be noted that if you get too close to Immerseus you will get hit by Seeping Sha, dealing 100k shadow damage and knocking you back. This prevents you from walking through the boss.

During the normal phase there are two types of void zones you have to worry about and are the cause for you having to spread. The first is Sha Bolt, Immerseus periodically shoots this at everyone dealing 75k damage and leaving a void zone beneath your feet. Just move out of these. The second void zone is called Swirl. When Immerseus uses swirl, moving void zone type waters will spawn that you have to dodge. At the same time Immerseus will use a water jet and he spins slowly around the room. Move away from that if it looks like he might reach your side with it.

Every time his health goes down to 0 he splits up into many adds. There are two types of adds. The dps have to kill as many Sha Puddles as possible. While the healers have to heal Contaminated Puddles. The higher a contaminated puddle’s health is, the faster it will move. For each add you kill or heal to full health his corruption goes down by 1.

When he reemerges he will have 1% less health for each corruption that has been cleared. When you’re about to kill or heal up a puddle you should move next to it, because each time you kill one of these you get a +damage buff for other pools and the same for healing but then a healing buff. When a puddle reaches Immerseus it will cause Erupting Sha, dealing 75k shadow damage for unfinished puddles while dealing 30k frost damage for purified puddles.

This is a rinse and repeat fight between the two phases untill Immerseus has been cleared of his corruption. And that’s all you need to know for Immerseus. If you liked this guide please comment and subscribe. If you want to watch the entire fight, feel free to watch the rest of the video. For now, I’m Mezzy and I’ll see you again next time.

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