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Normal Garrosh Hellscream Guide

Hey Guys, I’m Mezzy and this is the guide for Garrosh Hellscream, the final encounter in the Siege of Orgrimmar raid. This fight consists of 3 phases plus an intermission phase which will be repeated multiple times but has 3 different versions so this intermission phase will be diferent each time. Let’s start with phase 1.

In phase 1 garrosh only has 2 abilities. His first ability is one he will have through all 3 phases: desecrated weapon. He will throw a desecrated weapon at a random person in range. This weapon will cause a big void zone to spawn where it lands. The weapon can be killed however and the lower it’s health is the smaller the void zone becomes. When the weapon dies the void zone dissapears completely. His 2nd ability is Hellscream’s Warsong which increases the health and damage of the real stars of thise phase: The adds he spawns throughout the first phase.

He summons 3 types. The first being Kor’kron warbringers. These just melee and can slow their target. THese need to be picked up by the tank and aoe’d down. The second type of mob that is summoned is the Farseer Wolf Rider. This one needs to be focused down. He casts chain lightning and a chain heal. Both can be interrupted but only the chain heal should be interrupted. This is because when the farseer is interrupted he gains a stacking buff called Acestral Fury, increasing his casting speed by 25% per interrupt. The last type of add that spawns is the Siege Engineer. When garrosh calls these out, one will spawn on each far side of the room. These will try to activate the Iron Stars on each side. If they are not killed after about 10 to 15 seconds these iron stars will go across the room destroying anything in their path.

Phase 1 is a pretty straight forward fight. We have desecrate called out about 10 seconds before it gets cast. All the ranged and healers get to the sides of the room. Either near the throne or where you jump down from to get to the boss. By standing on the edge of the room you’ll reduce the amount of space the void zone takes up. This also allows you to not kill the weapons untill the transition phase as you’ll have more space to move around. You should note that if a weapon is put on top of the throne then you might have trouble seeing the void zone animation sometimes depending on your camera angle. The warbringers should be aoe’d down, while the farseers need to be focussed as soon as they spawn. Do let them come towards garrosh though so that he can be cleaved by your attacks. For the engineers we have both of them killed. We used 1 dps (me in this case) and a disc priest to kill an engineer on each side. Should you not have a discipline priest or if your tanks need the extra healing then you can always put a dps on the 2nd engineer. You can also choose to kill 1 engineer and let the iron star on the other side be activated. In this case you need to make sure that noone is standing on the half of the room where the iron star will run through. If you let an iron star go you should use knock backs to knock the adds into it to let them take serious damage. You should only use heroism at the start of this phase if it takes you 10 minutes to reach phase 3.

When garrosh reaches 10% he will take some of y’saarjh’s power and go into phase 2. While he is taking the power get the ranged to kill the desecrated weapons while the melee finish off any remaining adds. After he finishes absorbing some of y’saarjh’s power he will take you into the transition phase.

In this phase garrosh gains corruption and you will have to kill sha adds. The longer you take on the adds the more corruption he will gain to empower his phase 2 abilities. After you kill all the adds garrosh will stop gaining corruption and will start casting annihilate which you can and should easily dodge. If you get hit by it you will die, if you don’t get hit however you will still take 360k aoe damage. This damage can be reduced by picking up a 50% damage reduction buff that some of the sha will drop. In the temple of the red crane and in the temple of the jade serpent the sha will drop light orbs on the ground, when someone steps over it they will explode in a small radius and anyone standing near it will get the buff.

When a buff is dropped you need to get close to it but give your team mates a few seconds to get close to it too or the annihilate part of the encounter becomes a lot harder to heal. In the terrace of endless spring many small sha are spawned. Pull all of them up to the end where the sha of fear used to be. Only then aoe them down. These will also spawn globes of light but can only be picked up by 1 person at a time. You can also pick up multiple globes. So when you get the reduction buff do not step on another globe. Should someone still miss a buff in any of these places when you’re in the annihilate part of the phase call it out so your healers can be aware of you taking more damage. The intermission phase will end 1 minute after you get pulled into it. After first entering the intermission phase, this phase will occur every 2 minutes or so. When you get into an intermission phase garrosh will heal for 10% of his health but any damage you do to him during the annihilate part will stay when you get back to the throne room.

So what abilities does garrosh have in phase 2? Well he has 4 abilities, a normal version and an empowered version. Abilities become empowered when garrosh has a certain amount of corruption. He keeps desecrated weapon. When he has 75 energy this becomes empowered and the weapons can not be killed anymore. When they do not have full health they will regenerate slowly over time. So you can still reduce the diameter of the void zone.

His second ability is called Whirling Corruption. He will channel a big amount of aoe damage. This damage can be reduced the further you stand away from him. This damage doesn’t get any smaller if you’re standing 25 to 30 yards away from him. This is empowered at 25 energy and is the first empowered ability you will have to deal with. When it’s empowered it will still do the aoe damage, but besides that it will do shadow crashes on random players. After they land a Minion of Y’shaarj will spawn from each crash, these need to be killed. When they die they give any minion near them a stacking buff that heals them, increases their maximum health and increases their damage done by 200%. This means the minions have to be killed away from each other. The dps should tank 1 minion each.

Garrosh’s next ability is breath of Y’shaarj, which will mind control a few players. These players will try to cast breath of y’shaarj as well so they need to be stunned or otherwise interrupted. When they reach 20% health the MC fades. When garrosh reaches 50 corruption this becomes empowered and the players will no longer be stunnable. THey will turn into sha, get increased health and can only be interrupted. So make sure to interrupt players when they become MC’d by the empowered touch and get them to 20% health asap.

Garrosh’s last ability is specifically for the tanks. Gripping despair is a stackable dot. You should tank switch at about 4 to 5 stacks so that Garrosh does not become taunt immune. At 100 corruption this becomes empowered. Each time the dot expires it will explode dealing damage to the tank and gives them a stacking debuff increasing damage taken from exploding despair by 10% per stack. The tank gets the amount of stacks added that they had of gripping despair. So if they had 4 stacks of gripping despair then they will gain 4 stacks of the debuff from exploding despair when the dot expires. When garrosh reaches 10% he will go into phase 3, he will absorb the rest of y’shaarj’s power and heal 20% of his health.

In phase 2 you will be handling these different abilities almost continuously. We put marks up in each side of the room and moved around in a circle. Each time a weapon was thrown at us we moved to the left to get out of the void zone. We threw dots on the weapons and if the dots weren’t doing enough damage we’d have one dps switch to help them get lower. After each intermission we reset out position back to the first marker so we needed the weapons to be dead when we got there. For the mind control you need to make sure the players are stunned and otherwise interrupted. Also do not use dots on them because these dots will not be removed when they get out of mind control. Once this ability is empowered, because there is a possibility it will be in phase 2 you need to absolutely make sure there’s an interrupter on each mc’d person and that they are nuked down to 20% health. While whirling corruption is not empowered you can just stack up to heal through the damage. When it’s empowered however you will need to move away from the shadow crashes and as a dps pick up a minion and kill it away from the other minions. This will become more healing intense as you cannot stack up beside the first 2-3 seconds.

When he reaches phase 3 not much will change other than all his abilities becoming empowered. This causes the last phase to be a very hectic burn phase. Use heroism as soon as he starts absorbing y’shaarj’s power to burn as much off him as you can before he activates. Make sure MC’d people are interrupted. Instead of killing the minions from empowered whirling corruption we had the dps tank one each and use the time to focus on garrosh. You will still have to move away from empowered desecrated weapons making the fight all the more hectic.

This is a worthy final normal mode boss so good luck with getting the kill! If you liked this guide please comment and subscribe. If you want to watch the rest of the fight feel free to watch the rest of this video. I’m Mezzy and I’ll see you in heroic Siege of Orgrimmar.

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