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Normal Fallen Protectors Guide

Hey Guys, I’m Mezzy. And welcome to the guide for the Fallen Protectors, the second encounter in the Siege of Orgrimmar Raid. The protectors consist of Rook Stonetoe a monk, He Softfoot a rogue and Sun Tenderheart a shadowpriest. The first thing to keep in mind is that all 3 of them need to die at the same time, if you cannot kill them all within 15 seconds of the first death the first protector will gain 20% of their health back.

The main mechanic you have to worry about is called Desperate Measures. Each protector at 66% and 33% will cast this and it always summons atleast 1 add which needs to be killed. While the protector is using Desperate Measures they will not be in combat. So let’s go over each protector’s desperate measures.

When Rook casts Desperate Measures he summons 3 adds. Embodied Misery, Embodied Sorrow and Embodied Gloom. Embodied Sorrow is the first one you have to focus down because it will cast Inferno Strike on a random raider, which does 1.2 million damage but it can be spread with anyone within 8 yards of that person. So stack on the person it’s being cast on. Once Sorrow is dead however, be sure to spread out again as there are other mechanics in this fight that need spreading. After Sorrow is dead focus on Gloom, it does an interruptable spell that deals 150k damage to anyone within 4 yards of the Corruption Shock targeted area. Last and kind of least is Misery, this one does damage on the tank and knocks them back. All 3 of these should be tanked by the tank that was tanking Rook.

When Softfoot casts Desperate Measures he summons 1 add called Embodied Anguish. This will target one person giving them a debuff caleld Mark of Anguish. This will root them and cause the Embodied Anguish to focus on that person. The debuff however can be passed on to others and we found that passing it on to the tank that was tanking Softfoot was the easiest solution. Once you’ve cleared through Orgrimmar I suggest you practice with letting different ranged take the debuff as in heroic it will give a 50% armor reduction for 2 minutes.

When Sun casts Desperate Measures she starts channeling an AoE called Dark Meditation. You can reduce this damage by standing inside her meditative Field in the Middle. During this phase 2 types of adds will spawn. First off are 2 adds outside the field called Embodied Despair and Embodied Desperation. These need to be killed by your ranged dps. While at the same time the melee take care of the Desperation Spawn, which will spawn inside the bubble. During this phase the other 2 protectors still use their abilities so these will need to be dodged.

It might seem like a lot especially since we haven’t discussed the normal abilities yet but it’s actually quite easy as there are only a few things to deal with per desperate measures phase.

So onto their normal abilities.
First however it should be noted that Rook needs to be tanked by 1 tank, while Softfoot needs to be tanked by the other. The Rook tank should try and get Sun, who doesn’t need tanking, near Rook so that she’s still hit by cleave damage.

The first ability Rook does is called Vengeful Strikes, this stuns the tank and does a cone line ability so the tank will need to face Rook away from the rest of the raid. It should be noted that he can still do this during Sun’s Desperate Measures, so when you’re in the field be sure not to stand infront of rook.
His second ability is Corrupted Brew which he throws at a random person, which can and should be dodged.
His last ability is Clash, which works the same way as the monk’s clash. He will target someone and they will fly at eachother meeting halfway. After this he will perform Corruption Kick which is an AoE you need to move away from.

For Softfoot, the rogue, the tank has to keep a few things in mind. First being Gouge, this incapacitates the tank for 6 seconds. This can be prevented by having your back turned to Softfoot when he casts Gouge. Being a rogue he has 2 types of poisons he will alternate on. Instant poison which gives him extra nature damage on his melee attacks, and Noxious Poison which will spawn poison zones on the ground. The tank will just have to move him out of those. We had our tank stand away with Softfoot from the rest of the group. The last ability he has is something the healers need to keep an eye on which is the DoT Garrote. This cannot be removed and will deal 80k damage every 2 seconds. This will only be removed when Softfoot goes into Desperate measures.

Lastly, Sun is pretty much exactly a shadow priest. She does Sha Sear which targets a player causing anyone within 5 yards of that player to take damage. She has a dot called shadow word bane that needs to be dispelled instantly, as it can spread up to 3 times and does 100k damage every 3 seconds. Lastly she has a spell called Calamity, this deals 30% of maximum health to all players. This also removes SW: bane from anyone who still has it.

As a few reminders. Stay spread and only stack for Inferno Strike in Rook’s desperate measures phase. Kill Sorrow first, then gloom and then misery. The protectors have to die within 10 to 15 seconds of each other. And be sure not to activate multiple desperate measures at the same time.

If you liked this guide please comment and subscribe. If you want to watch the entire fight, feel free to watch the rest of the video. For now, I’m Mezzy and I’ll see you again next time.

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