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Heroic Spoils of Pandaria Guide

Hey Guys I’m Mezzy and welcome to my guide for heroic Spoils of Pandaria. This is the 10th encounter in heroic Siege of Orgrimmar. I’m going to assume you know the normal mode mechanics. If you don’t you can check out my normal mode guide. You can click on the link in the annotation or in the description section.

This fight stays almost the same as normal mode, with of course the increase in damage and health. There is one substantial difference though and that’s in the form of unstable spark. Whenever you kill something that spawns out of a mogu or matid crate it will spawn an unstable spark on the side of the other team. If it’s allowed to finish it’s cast it will do 550k damage to them. So this means that when these sparks spawn you’ll have to switch to it and kill them as soon as possible.

The point is going to be that you don’t get overrun while at the same time being fast enough on getting everything done to defeat the enrage timer. On both sides you of course always want to start with defeating the pandaren spirits to get their buffs.

After that, here’s what we did: On the mogu side you open the massive crate first and use all your dps cooldowns on him, while the big guy is up don’t open anymore crates unless you are 100% confident you can cleave the extra mobs down quickly. Due to the increase in damage the aoe hurts a lot more and you’ll never want to have more than 2 stone statues up at once, but preferably you’ll want none at all so kill them as they spawn. Once the big guy is dead open a stout crate at a time and small ones to cleave them down. If an urn is opened that spawns the sparks, switch to it to kill it quickly. As the stout crate mob is about to die open the next. Keep repeating this untill the dps cooldowns are back up, finish off any remaining mobs and open the 2nd massive crate and again kill that. Once it’s down open whatever combination of crates you still need to fill up the energy meter.

On the mantid side you follow the same principle, except for that you can open a small crate when the massive one is up to already start cleaving the small mobs down.

A few things to keep in mind: Use the pandaren buffs to maximise your dps. Especially on the mogu side the healer buff can be quite useful to instantly lower the health of the statues and unstable sparks by a lot. You’ll want to balance out your 2 groups so that each group can deal with both sides adequatly. And lastly you don’t want to overrun the other group with unstable sparks so that they can still clear their own side in time.

Although not everyone’ll find it so, I found it to be an enjoyable fight on heroic, so good luck! If you liked this video please comment and subscribe and click that like button. If you would like to keep up with when new videos come out but you don’t have a youtube account you can also follow me on facebook or twitter, at facebook.com/bbmezzy or twitter.com/bbmezzy. For now I’m Mezzy and I’ll see you again next time.

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