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Heroic Immerseus Guide

Hey Guys I’m Mezzy and welcome to my guide for heroic Immerseus. This is a good first heroic encounter so let’s get started right away. First of all I”m going to assume you know the normal mode mechanics. If you don’t you can check out my normal immerseus guide. You can click on the link in the annotation or in the description section.

In general there are only 2 changes to the heroic mode encounter. He still does sha bolts/pools that you have to move away from, swirl with which he spins around and corrosive blast that requires a tank switch. In phase 1 he gains 1 new ability called Swelling Corruption. He will have an amount of stacks based on how much corruption he has. Everytime you hit the boss with a single target ability he will put one of the stacks of the debuff on you. This damage increases a lot more per stack, if you have 7 or 8 stacks it will do a ton of damage that will possibly 1shot you, so get 4 to 5 stacks max. This debuff can and should be dispelled as much as possible though because you want to get all stacks off of immerseus. The 2nd thing that happens when you get a stack of the debuff is that somewhere in the room a sha add will spawn. As soon as you see an add you need to switch to it and kill it. Even if you’re not at 4 or 5 stacks yet. Many of these adds will spawn however so you’ll want your tank who’s not tanking the boss to pick up the adds, tank them close to the boss and have the dps aoe these down.

The very first phase 1 will last the longest and because of that is the hardest part of the fight. You should use heroism at the start and after about 10 seconds he will use swelling corruption, meaning the hard part of the fight begins. As many sha pools will spawn from sha bolt it means you have to use the space you have efficiently because your healers still need to be able to reach almost everyone. So here’s what we did for positioning:

The ranged and healers (except for the tank healer) stood on one triangle part, preferably at max range in a sort of line. Everytime a sha pool was put underneath them they moved forward. If you have priests make sure you use mass dispell to your advantage so that you can get more stacks of swelling corruption off the boss quicker. We did the max range rule so that the area near immerseus would be free for dealing with the sha adds. When we had about 60% of the stacks off of the boss we had all the dps and healers move forward closer to immerseus so that the 2nd tank could pick up the adds easier. Even with this it’s still hard to do so as there are so many adds, so if you have hunters get them to misdirect the adds to the tank. Once a majority of the adds has been picked up or killed you can move back a bit so that not everyone is on top of each other. Once all the adds are dead and all the stacks are off immerseus kill him as soon as possible to force the phase change. During all this immerseus will also still do swirl, which hurts a lot. To only get 1 tick of damage from it, move through it when it comes towards you and use cooldowns just incase to survive. A warning for you though: If you do not get to phase 2 fast enough he will do another corrosive blast and swirl. If he still lives after the 2nd swirl he will use swelling corruption again, meaning you’ll have to deal with extra adds in phase 2.

Phase 2 has 1 difference compared to normal mode. In phase 2 he turns into a sha pool, which grows over time. This means the larger it is, the less distance the blobs need to travel to merge with him. You can make the pool smaller by standing in it. This will also give you a debuff however which can really start hurting a nontank after 3 or 4 stacks. To deal with this we had either a tank soak a few stacks of the pool or if they were busy killing an add and another dps had no more blobs in his sector then they would take a few stacks.

We dealt with phase 2 pretty much exactly the way I just talked about with the sha pools. The only extra thing you should do is to put marks around immerseus and assign dps to the regions so that every part of the room is covered for blobs.

It’s a good first heroic encounter, it makes a boss which was kind of boring on normal mode, interesting on heroic. So good luck with getting your first heroic kill! If you liked this video please comment and subscribe. If you would like to keep up with when new videos come out but you don’t have a youtube account you can also follow me on facebook or twitter, both of which use the username bbmezzy. For now I’m Mezzy and I’ll see you again next time.

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