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Garrisons Preview Overview

In the last few days/weeks, as well as the coming days/weeks we’ve been putting out previews for the much anticipated Garrisons that will come with Warlords of Draenor. These are scattered across multiple posts. So to not lose track of things here is an overview of all our garrison previews! When new articles get posted we’ll be sure to update this overview as well. The videos for the posts get uploaded to youtube ahead of time, so if you’re looking for something garrison related but don’t see it in the list yet check out our playlist on youtube to see if it might already be there!

Check back on this overview every couple of days to see if new Garrison content has been put out! There will be a link straight to this overview in the navigation under Draenor. Hover over draenor for the Garrison Overview link to appear.



Garrison Intro’s

Garrison Non-Buildings

Garrison Tier 2

Garrison Tier 3

Garrison Buildings + Upgrades