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Feedback: Mythic+ Testing – March 30th – April 3rd

Quote from: Blizzard


Dragonflight Season 2 Mythic+ testing begins on PTR realms this weekend. The test period will begin Thursday March 30th at 10:00 PDT (13:00 EDT, 20:00 CEST), and end Monday April 3rd at 10:00 PDT (13:00 EDT, 20:00 CEST). Please note that the test period may be adjusted in the event of technical difficulties.

This weekend features the Vortex Pinnacle dungeon and our updated level 7 keystone affixes.

During the test period you’ll be able to acquire and customize Mythic Keystones by talking to the Keystone Vendor in Valdrakken, and the nearby Dungeon Teleports NPC will assist you with transportation.

  • There are new affixes and adjusted affixes available for testing. Players can purchase scrolls from the keystone vendor to add to these to their keystone.
    • New Affix: Incorporeal – While in combat, incorporeal beings appear and attempt to destabilize players with spells that reduce their damage and healing done. Incorporeal beings are susceptible to all forms of crowd control.
    • New Affix: Afflicted – While in combat, Afflicted Souls appear that seek the aid of players. Afflicted Souls spawn with poison, curse, and disease afflictions. Removing any of these afflictions or restoring the spirit to full health causes it to despawn. Fail to remove their afflictions in time will inflict players with a negative status effect.
    • New Affix: Entangling – While in combat, entangling vines snare players.
    • Updated Affix: Explosive – Fewer Explosive Orbs spawn, but they now have substantially higher health. •
  • The following affixes have been retired for Dragonflight Season 2:
    • Quaking
    • Grievous
    • Volcanic

We’re looking for feedback on keystone combinations:

  • Keystone Level 4 Affixes:
    • Spiteful
    • Sanguine
    • Bursting
    • Bolstering
    • Raging
  • Keystone Level 7 Affixes:
    • Incorporeal
    • Afflicted
    • Entangling
    • Explosive
    • Storming

Affix Refresh Goals

  • One of our primary goals is to highlight different forms of player utility week over week. The hope is that different classes will shine with their ability to neutralize the week’s affix.
  • We want to reduce the cognitive load we’re putting on players with affixes with the removal of the seasonal affix and the pacing and design of our new affixes. The intent is to slow down the rate that these affixes trigger and to tone down the required response from players dealing with them.
  • Like dungeons in Dragonflight, we are taking the opportunity to review and refresh affixes more often between seasons.
  • We encourage players to play with different combinations of the level 4 and level 7 affix tiers. Please give feedback on unfair combinations that you come across in testing.

We look forward to hearing your feedback!

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