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Design Corner: Improving the Garrison in 6.1

Welcome to the Design Corner! As a small introduction to the design corner, I took a look at the garrison and the current 6.1 PTR patch notes and thought about what I felt what was still missing in terms of improvements. I originally posted the suggestions on the WoW EU forums in the Garrisons subforum and I invite you to post in the thread with any constructive ideas you might have for the garrison!

Patch 6.1 has some great changes coming to the garrison, however there’s still a few things I feel could change so here’s a list of suggestions I feel would improve the garrison in one way or another.

  • Currently when you assign a follower to the herb garden you can choose which herb you want to grow each day. However you can quickly get too much of that herb when doing so. – So what I would love to see is that at level 3, if your herb garden has a follower assigned, you can choose to grow any herb including any Azeroth/Outland in your garden. Perhaps make it a 50/50 split, you can use 50% of the herb spots for old types of herbs.
  • Currently you can only get the orc clan transmog items for your armor class, which is really too bad because art is subjective. – Make the clan transmog items cosmetic items so all armor type classes can be a part of their clan of choice. (As a hunter I would like to be able to use part of the leather set to mimic the set from the Beastlord in BRF)
  • Reputation is a real grind in WoD, which isn’t bad per se however – I would love to see a daily Trading Post quest for random faction, to get perhaps 250 reputation as a reward. This means that over time players have an alternative to level up their reputations, while people who love to grind can still get their reputations up a lot faster without feeling the need to get the Trading Post.
  • Collecting all the ore from the mine every day is a hassle when you have many alts. Let us pay a miner x amount of resources to collect all the ore from veins/carts each day for us to pick up – Or have this be the perk of assigning a follower to the mine, as the carts appearing for everyone bug is still in, meaning a different perk might be the better alternative to add in.
  • The full armor and weapon set items for the followers are quickly becoming useless, especially with the item level requirement going up to 660 with the BRF raid missions. There’s been a few suggestions over the forums about how to make them useful again. I would like to highlight two, with the second one having my personal preference.
    • Allow players to turn in 6 of a set to get 1 of the next level set. E.g. 6 615 weapon sets for 1 630 weapon set.
    • Allow players to break down weapon sets into singular upgrades E.g. 1 615 weapon set into 3 +3 weapon ilvl items.
  • To end my list, not much a suggestion but a personal pet peeve, the rarity of the modules (especially the ashran one) for the Auctioneer quest for the level 2 Trading Post. I would really like to see the drop rate increase a bit so that I can use my auctioneer in the garrison.

One question I have for all of you – A while back there were a post or two about making garrisons more alt friendly in a future patch (possibly 6.1). Since then I haven’t seen anything about that, nor do I really have a solution myself. So my question to you is, how would you make the garrison more alt friendly?

Other than that – what other constructive suggestions do you have to improve the garrison, that the current changes in the 6.1 PTR notes don’t fix? Let me know in the thread on the official WoW forums, or in the comments below!

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