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Blue Reactions To Alpha Feedback: Hunters, Evokers and Dragonriding

Feedback: Hunters

Quote from: Blizzard

Hello Hunters,

We wanted to discuss some plans we had coming in the next few builds and address a few points of feedback.

Class Tree Changes:

  • Improved Mend pet reduced to 2 points for +25/50%. Also now has a chance per tick of Mend Pet to also dispel a magic effect from your pet.
  • Scare Beast is no longer on a path that connects to other nodes below it, it’s a one-off thing to the side of the tree.
  • There is potentially a placeholder +Agility node where scare beast was. This will be changed if it shows up in your build to something that isn’t direct throughput.
  • Chimaera Shot removed from the class tree.
  • Master Marksman will likely be changed to also work with melee critical hits.
  • Death Chakram will likely be changed to increase all damage taken, rather than just Physical. This should make it more competitive to Survival Hunters, who do a fair bit of non-physical damage.

Beast Mastery

  • Dire Pack needs to be reworked.


  • Double Tap is being moved near the middle of the tree.
  • New bottom left talent as a selection node:
    • Kill Shot now works with Trick Shots
    • Some number of targets hit by your Trick Shot ricochets also have Explosive Shot applied to them.
  • Legacy of the Windrunners has moved, and is consolidated down to 3 points instead of 5.
  • Chimaera shot added near the top of the tree. It will once again replace Arcane Shot, and things that modify Arcane Shot will modify Chimaera Shot
  • Quick Shot removed.
  • Rapid Fire’s Focus generation will just be part of the baseline ability and no longer an upgrade.


  • A bunch of 3-point talents adjusted to fewer points.
  • A dependency problem with Frenzy Strikes needs to be resolved where you can get this talent without either Wildfire Bombs.

This is not a complete list of what will change in the next build, or even the next few builds. As more decisions are made, we’ll try to post here. As always, things are subject to change and what is there now, or in the builds to come, may not be final.

Bug fixing is also an ongoing process.

One other quick note:

Serpent Sting is intentionally low on the class side of the talent tree. If it’s up higher, it starts competing in space we have designated for utility options and starts to feel like a mandatory throughput choice. We want to put most of the actual throughput stuff past the second gate, so you have adequate points to get the utility you feel is important while playing. Moving it up higher means you would likely be getting less utility options.

edit: The note about Serpent Sting is specific to the Hunter class tree layout. Different classes have different tree layouts and where utility and throughput is scattered about.
edit2: note about Rapid Fire Focus generation in the MM tree area.
edit3: Death Chakram note in class tree area.
edit4: Frenzy Strikes note was wrong, you have to take Butchery/Carve, but not Wildfire Bombs.

Quote from: Blizzard

There are no plans to change the 3+ target requirement for Trick Shots.

Quote from: Blizzard

While I don’t want to comment for every single tree directly, comparing a class that has been around for 17+ years to a brand new class is very difficult. Evokers don’t have years of precedent and mechanics to build off of. It is a very different experience to design a talent tree for a totally new class with basically zero core ideas that players are accustomed to, compared to designing talents for a class that has years of expectations and styles of play around it.

I’m not saying don’t look at the Evoker tree or whatever other class and see cool ideas and try to relate it to your class or spec or express frustrations where you feel them. That’s always a fun experiment and something we often do with our internal peer reviews. I’m just trying to say, Evokers are very new, and currently have these core interactions created for them within the tree.

Feedback: Evokers

Quote from: Blizzard

Hi all! I wanted to Soar over and touch on some of the great feedback that’s been posted thus far.

Talents & Talent Builds
There has been so much wonderful discussion about the talent trees, and we’re still digging through all of it. No firm plans to share just yet, but please continue sharing your feedback as we iterate on the trees. We’ll let you know specifics as soon as we have them!

In the next build, Dracthyr will no longer switch to Visage when getting on a mount, flight path, etc. Additionally, they will have a new racial ability called Chosen Identity that you can “Activate to automatically assume your Visage when you leave combat or after Soaring.” Chosen Identity will stay toggled on until manually deactivated. As a note, existing Alpha characters may not have Chosen Identity learned.

Azure Strike
In a future build, Azure Strike’s targeting will behave more consistently. Currently it is built similarly to Chain Lightning, but it will be updated to be more of a circular AoE, and pick N targets within 6 yards of your selected target.

Empower Spells
It is intended that casting a different spell while Empowering (eg, casting Disintegrate while empowering a Fire Breath) cancels the Empower spell, refunds the resource cost(s) and cooldown, and begins casting the other spell. Empowers have a global cooldown when they finish casting, meaning Fire Breath and Disintegrate can’t be cast at the same moment. Therefore, we have to interpret what a user is trying to do when they cast a different spell while empowering – Some may be trying to use the second spell as a shortcut for finishing their Fire Breath, while others may be trying to react to a situation and change what spell they’re casting as soon as possible. The current version is opting to treat the new spell input as a change in intention.

Thanks for the ongoing feedback and discussion!

Feedback: Dragonriding

Quote from: Blizzard
This is a very good call-out. We’re working on improving the dragonriding gap detection to fix issues like this. We’ve noticed that dragonriding won’t kick in with some slope types, so we’ll be addressing those in a future build.
Quote from: Blizzard

This is a great call-out of a few distinctions between “flying” and “dragonriding.” We’d like to slot dragonriding into its own unique space without crowding out flying, so it feeling like an investment is in the desired ballpark. How much of an investment is definitely something we’d love to hear continued feedback on, especially as progression comes online and as players get more used to the feature.

We’ve found that this is a big part of the appeal of WoW’s flying, so pulling that into dragonriding would encroach on that space too much.

Oh I think you might like the progression then! (And good note about that balance.)

Also, we’ve also seen a request or two from testers to drop the cooldown on Soar for testing purposes, and we don’t think that will be necessary to get the whole system well-tested. We’re getting great bug reports, and we thank you very much for them.

WoW: Dragonflight Alpha Launch – Interview/Information Roundup Part 3

The initial burst of new information from interviews and blog posts seems to be dying down. Here’s the few tid bits of new information that we could find and you can, of course, expect spoilers:

World/Outdoor Gameplay

  • The world isn’t only bigger because of Dragon Riding but they also wanted to have more space to make the world feel more like an organic world to be explored. Rather than a densely populated map where everything serves a gameplay purpose (Wowcrendor)
  • The amount of experience needed to level from 1-60 has been adjusted/nerfed to put lvl 50-60 into Chromie Time (MMO-Champion)


  • Primary professions are initially the primary focus of the profession revamp, especially the crafting professions (Wowcrendor)
  • They want to update secondary professions later on (Wowcrendor)
  • Archaeology will be looked at for revamping later in DF (Wowcrendor)
  • When specializing in a profession you initially choose one area, but eventually you will be able to unlock all specializations in your profession (Wowcrendor)

Talent System

  • Being able to see how Talent Trees played out in Classic in the modern era helped them think about how Talent trees could work in modern WoW (Wowcrendor)
  • By splitting talents into a class tree and a spec tree allows them to give you different choices in utility without you having to sacrifice throughput talents (Wowcrendor)

Dragon Riding

  • If they continue with Dragon Riding after DF and it potentially replaces existing flying then they will have to look at how they’re going to handle existing flying mounts that players have collected over the years because they don’t support the new animations and tech that are required for Dragon Riding (Wowcrendor)


  • They’ll have a look at adding a raid skip in Siege of Orgrimmar to help mount/garrosh shoulder farmers (Wowcrendor)


  • No allied races are currently planned for DF for now (Wowcrendor)
  • They want to have more frequent patches over the course of DF, to deliver more of different types of content and be more flexible in patch size. (Wowcrendor)

Full Interviews/Sources:
Wowcrendor Dev Interview
MMO-Champion Experience Changes Datamining

Previous Recaps:
WoW: Dragonflight Alpha Launch – Interview/Information Roundup
WoW: Dragonflight Alpha Launch – Interview/Information Roundup Part 2

WoW: Dragonflight Alpha Launch – Interview/Information Roundup Part 2

As the Alpha and datamining continue we get more information on Dragonflight. Below is a roundup of new information and you can, of course, expect spoilers:

Dracthyr Racial Abilities

  • Glide – Reduce your falling speed. You can activate this ability with the jump key while falling. (Instant, 1.5 sec cooldown) (Icy-veins)
  • Soar – Muster your strength and launch into the air. Cooldown begins when you land. (1.5 sec cast, 5 min cooldown) (Icy-veins)
  • Tail Swipe – Lash out with your tail, knocking enemies within 6 yds into the air. (Instant, 1.5 min cooldown) (Icy-veins)
  • Visage – Switch between your Dracthyr and Visage forms. Your Visage puts your part at ease, significantly increasing out of combat health regeneration. (Instant) (Icy-veins)
  • Wing Buffet – With a powerful flap of your wings, knock away enemies in front of you (Instant, 1.5 min cooldown) (Icy-veins)
  • Awakened (Passive) – Increase your mastery by 2.5%. (Icy-veins)
  • Discerning Eye (Passive) – Increases your Perception by 50. Perception increases the radius of tracking Mining and Herbalism nodes, and the chance of finding additional rare materials while gathering. (Icy-veins)
  • Familiar Skies (Passive) – You fly 20% faster on continents that you have fully explored. (Icy-veins)
  • Languages (Passive) – Common/Orcish, Draconic (Icy-veins)

Dracthyr Evoker

  • They will be able to use the following weapons: Axes, Daggers, Fist Weapons, Maces, Staves and Swords (Icy-veins)
  • Preservation Evokers (healers) will excel at big bursts of healing and supporting the group with hybrid and utility abilities (Taliesin & Evitel)

Talent System

  • One of the goals is to add build diversity to classes (The Starting Zone)
  • Not all builds have to go all the way to the bottom of the talent tree (The Starting Zone)
  • Obviously it’s Alpha and there is a lot of tuning that still needs to be done. (Common sense & The Starting Zone)
  • They are actively discussing the scenario where you can pick a talent that modifies an ability that you haven’t picked in the tree (The Starting Zone)

World/Outdoor Gameplay

  • The increased view distance is currently only in the Dragon Isles (Taliesin & Evitel)
  • The activities to progress on the reputation renown tracks will differ per faction. For Tuskarr you might have more fishing related quests while for the Centaur you’ll have to hunt. (Taliesin & Evitel)


  • Brackenhide Hollow is a Gnoll themed dungeons with decay magic. (Taliesin & Evitel)
  • Brackenhide Hollow is a dungeon that takes place outside in the world and is The Azure Span leveling dungeon (Taliesin & Evitel)
  • The Azure Vaults is the max level Azure Span dungeon (Taliesin & Evitel)
  • You travel down (vertically) deeper into The Azure Vaults as you progress through the dungeon (Taliesin & Evitel)
  • They are quite happy with mega dungeons, they’re almost like 5 player raids and gives them a chance to tell a different story from the expansion’s main story (The Starting Zone)
  • They’re having conversations around the loot of mega dungeons so that they remaing interesting before they join the M+ pool (The Starting Zone)


  • 30 minute Phials are replacing Flasks in DF. They will cost roughly have the crafting mats and have more varied effects. (Wowhead)
  • Potions remain mechanically the same, however there will now also be a potion cauldron! (Wowhead)
  • Some potions and phials are toxic, meaning they have a bigger positive effect than regular potions but in turn have negative consequences too (Wowhead)
  • A form of meta gem will come back for Jewelcrafting (Taliesin & Evitel)
  • There are 3 new equipment slots for your professions, a tool + 2 accessories. While you’re crafting at a work station you will swap your look to using those items (Taliesin & Evitel)
  • They really want Professions to be a pillar of content, for it to be a viable way of playing the game next to Raids/M+/PvP (The Starting Zone)
  • Crafted PvP gear will have the maximum PvP ilvl in PvP situations. iLvl upgrades will be mainly for PvE content (The Starting Zone)

Dragon Riding

  • Gameplay will change mostly during endgame content (customizations, talent tree), during leveling it will stay mostly the same (Taliesin & Evitel)


  • Datamining indicates we’ll get new transmog sets to unlock some previously unavailable recolors of past raid armor sets (The Lost Codex)


  • While not much if anything will be encrypted during the Alpha/Beta for the leveling experience, at max level there will be surprises that are unlikely to be tested publicly. (Taliesin & Evitel)
  • They were happy with how the Creation Catalyst played out but are having conversations about how long into a patch such a system should be activated (The Starting Zone)

Full Interviews/Sources:
Icy-veins Dracthyr Evoker Racials and Weapon Skills
Wowhead Phials Article
Wowhead Potions Article
Wowhead Potions Toxic Effects
Taliesin & Evitel Dev Interview
The Starting Zone Dev Interview
The Lost Codex Transmog Set Datamining

Previous Recaps:
WoW: Dragonflight Alpha Launch – Interview/Information Roundup

WoW: Dragonflight Alpha Launch – Interview/Information Roundup

The Alpha for Dragonflight has officially begun!

Below is a roundup of new information, of course you can expect spoilers:


  • The Alpha will focus on different parts of the game every week (Official Bluepost)
  • Week 1 will focus on the zone The Azure Span, the new race and class, Dragonriding, the new UI, Death Knight, Hunter, Druid, Priest and Rogue Talents, and the professions Alchemy and Blacksmithing. (Official Bluepost)
  • Week 2 will focus on the new zone The Forbidden Reach. (Official Bluepost)
  • Week 3 will focus on the new zones The Forbidden Reach and Waking Shores (Official Bluepost)
  • Week 4 will focus on the new zones The Forbidden Reach and Thaldraszus (Official Bluepost)
  • Week 5 will focus on the new zones The Forbidden Reach and Ohn’ahran Plain (Official Bluepost)
  • Week 6+ are expected to have all zones playable (Official Bluepost)
  • They’ve baked a lot of time into the Alpha/Beta schedule to iterate and process feedback (Wowhead)

Dragonflight Release

  • They feel comfortable about a 2022 release, they have all zones ready for testing on the Alpha (Wowhead)

World/Outdoor Gameplay

  • A preview was released of the first zone on the Alpha – The Azure Span
  • Each of the zones will have their own world content progression (4 Zereth Mortises). You don’t have to do them to gain player power. (MrGM)
  • Azure Span might be the largest zone in WoW History (MrGM)
  • They are looking at Timewalking for outdoor content (MrGM)
  • The maps for all 4 zones are already available (Wowhead)
  • Renown will be used for each zone as an enhancement of reputations (Towelliee)


  • Temple of the Jade Serpent and Court of Stars are likely candidates to be dungeons for M+ season 1 (MrGM)
  • Ion wouldn’t be surprised if Shado-Pan Monastery will be a M+ dungeon sometime during DF (Towelliee)
  • Legion M+ Timewalking will not exist in DF (MrGM)
  • With the rotation of new dungeons every M+ season, the seasonal affixes will be more simple (Towelliee)
  • BfA Timewalking is likely for DF (MrGM)
  • The first raid is called Vault of the Incarnates and will contain 8 bosses (Icy-veins)
  • They are looking at re-adding group loot to Raids only (Wowhead)
  • They are looking at a scaling buff over time through gear (like in Uldir) to soft nerf raids over time (Towelliee)
  • The 8 DF dungeons are: Brackenhide Hollow, Halls of Infusion, Neltharus, Ruby Life Pools, Taz’algeth Academy, The Azure Vault, The nokhud Offensive and Uldaman: Legacy of Tyr (Towelliee)


  • They are still figuring out if Work Orders will be server wide or region wide. Will likely start off server wide (MrGM)
  • You get a new bag slot specifically for a new profession materials bag. Kind of like the reagent bank but on your character’s inventory (Wowhead)
  • Most crafting professions will require crafting tables spread throughout the zones and in the main city to craft recipes (Official Blogpost)
  • Gathered reagents can stack up to 1000, up from 200 (Official Blogpost)
  • Consumables such as potions can stack up to 200, up from 20 (Official Blogpost)
  • Prospecting and milling are getting UI updates and will have recipes to unlock for each expansion (Official Blogpost)
  • To recraft items you will need the Artisan’s Mettle crafting reagent (Official Blogpost)
  • Tailors will be able to make 34 slot bags and 36 slot reagent bags for the new reagent bag slot (Wowhead)
  • When crafting the best gear (mythic level) it will mostly be Bind on Pickup (Towelliee)

Dracthyr Evoker

  • The talent trees have been datamined (Wowhead)
  • They will join the Monk, Rogue, Warrior tier token (Wowhead)
  • Dracthyr will show your shoulders and belt transmog. In your visage (human) form your entire transmog will be visible (Wowhead)
  • It is very unlikely that Evokers will ever have a tank spec, they have been designed as a caster/ranged class (Towelliee)

Dragon Riding

  • The progression system will be account wide (Wowhead)
  • Dragon Riding is best learned by seeing it, Taliesin & Evitel have a good video to explain the gameplay

Cross Faction/Region Play

  • Philosophically they are moving more towards an interconnected world where server doesn’t matter much (MrGM)
  • Cross Faction guilds will not be available at the launch of DF, but is likely to be a subject over the course of the expansion (MrGM)


  • To confirm once again, DF will have a more grounded narrative compared to the last couple expansions (MrGM)
  • Hemet Nesingwary is on the Dragon Isles but is retired
  • Sindragosa will make an appearance


  • New achievements are being added for 500 mounts, 500 toys, 1250 Pets, 1500 Pets, 1750 Pet and 2000 Pets (Wowhead)
  • Many new mounts have been datamined including a Fox Wyvern, Slugs and a new lava Mammoth (Wowhead)
  • Blizzard agrees that the reward for the 500 mounts achievement should not be a yeti (Bluepost)
  • MMO-Champion has datamined the first list of new achievements


  • They hope to continue the encryption of content present on the PTR so that players can be unspoiled when new content comes out (MrGM)
  • They are looking into raising the limit of 50 characters on an account to a higher amount (MrGM)
  • They hope to add the vast number of character customization to other races in the future as well (Wowhead)

Full Interviews/Sources:
Alpha Schedule Bluepost
Dev Interview MrGM
Dev Interview Towelliee
Dragon Isles Dungeon Journal Preview Towelliee
Taliesin & Evitel Dragon Riding
Official Professions Blogpost
Icy-veins Raid Boss Preview
Wowhead Collection Achievements Datamined
Wowhead Tier Token Datamining
Wowhead Group Interview
Wowhead Bags Datamining
Wowhead New Mounts Datamining
Wowhead Maps Datamining
Wowhead Dungeon Loading Screens Datamining
MMO-Champion Achievements Datamining

Dragonflight Pre-order now available, Launch Date Before The End of 2022

The pre-order for Dragonflight has become available and includes different pets, a mount and transmogs depending on the type of pre-order you buy! Most interestingly Blizzard seems to be aiming for a release before the end of this year despite the fact that we haven’t even gotten a public Alpha test yet! Check out all the details below:

Quote from: Blizzard

World of Warcraft®: Dragonflight is now available for pre-purchase in-game and through the Blizzard Shop!

As long-dormant forces begin to stir in their sacred homeland, the dragons of Azeroth—at times both allies and adversaries of the mortal races—call on the heroes of the Alliance and Horde to help reckon with the looming threats and ancient mysteries on the verge of awakening.

Audio Description version.

Take Wing to a New Beginning

Join forces with the dragonflights of Azeroth as they return to the Dragon Isles, a lost realm of magic and wonder. There await the dracthyr evokers, an all-new playable race and class of humanoid dragonkin who stand ready to join the ranks of the Horde and Alliance.

Dragonflight is now available for purchase in three digital editions: Base, Heroic, and Epic.

Base edition Contents

  • The expansive Dragonflight experience.
  • Drakks pet (as a pre-purchase bonus item*)

Heroic Edition Contents

  • The expansive Dragonflight experience.
  • Murkastrasza pet
  • Tangled Dreamweaver mount
  • Dragonflight-level (level 60) character boost**
  • Drakks pet (as a pre-purchase bonus item*)

Epic Edition Contents

  • All content from the Heroic Edition
  • Wings of Awakening (back-slot with 5 color variants)
  • Diadem of the Spell-Keeper: A crown once worn by Sindragosa herself, this head-slot transmog radiates with the magical energies of the blue dragonflight.
  • Timewalker’s Hearthstone Effect
  • 30 Days of game time
  • Drakks pet (as a pre-purchase bonus item*)

Whether you’re just returning to World of Warcraft or inviting a friend along, the Complete Collection can help you get right into the action.

Complete Collection – Heroic Edition

  • Every base expansion to date.
  • Shadowlands Heroic Edition, including Ensorcelled Everwyrm flying mount (grants a quest for the Vestments of the Eternal Traveler transmog set.)
  • The complete Dragonflight experience.
  • Two Character Boosts (Shadowlands Character Boost to Level 50 and Dragonflight Character Boost to level 60)
  • 30 Days of Game time
  • Tangled Dreamweaver flying mount
  • Murkastrasza pet
  • Drakks pet (as a pre-purchase bonus item*)

Complete Collection – Epic Edition

  • Every base expansion to date.
  • Shadowlands Heroic Edition, including Ensorcelled Everwyrm flying mount (grants a quest for the Vestments of the Eternal Traveler transmog set.)
  • The expansive Dragonflight experience.
  • Two Character Boosts (Shadowlands Character Boost to Level 50 and Dragonflight Character Boost to level 60)
  • A total of 60 Days of Game time
  • Tangled Dreamweaver flying mount
  • Murkastrasza pet
  • Wings of Awakening (back-slot with 5 color variants)
  • Diadem of the Spell-Keeper: A crown once worn by Sindragosa herself, this head-slot transmog radiates with the magical energies of the blue dragonflight.
  • Timewalker’s Hearthstone Effect
  • Drakks pet (as a pre-purchase bonus item*)

All bonuses from the Heroic and Epic Editions are unlocked immediately upon pre-purchase. All new race & class, the Dracthyr Evoker available at or before launch.

Dragonflight Expansion Features

  • Discover the Dragon Isles—Journey to the new level cap of 70 and explore the primordial wonder and ancient secrets of the Dragon Isles across four new zones: the roiling Waking Shores; the vast Ohn’ahran Plains; the stark Azure Span; and ancient, majestic Thaldraszus.
  • New Race/Class Combo— Menace your foes (or empower your allies) as a Dracthyr Evoker, WoW’s first ever race/class combo. Design both humanoid and draconic forms, pick between the Alliance and Horde, and venture forth as a healer (Preservation specialization) or ranged damage-dealer (Devastation specialization) that harnesses the collective might of all dragonkind.
  • Soar Through the SkiesDragonriding, an all-new method of aerial movement, allows you to take to the skies atop a Dragon Isles Drake, which you will befriend in each of the four new zones as you level up. Customize your drakes as you progress, collecting more appearance options and unlocking new abilities that will enable them to fly farther and faster.
  • New Talent System—With this overhaul, you’ll be able to make creative and flavorful talent choices at every level without compromising your effectiveness.
  • New Profession System Updates—Crafters rejoice! We’re introducing player-driven work orders, new profession equipment, an all-new specialization system, and more to help you become the artisan renowned through the realm.
  • New Hud UIGet ready for a fully updated and customizable Heads Up Display (HUD) User Interface (UI) that’s been created with contemporary displays in mind, designed to be effective, attractive, and accessible.

Pre-purchase World of Warcraft®: Dragonflight or the Complete Collection now to unlock a trove of items to aid you in your coming adventures.

Get the Dragonflight Collector’s Edition

Prepare to step into the Dragon Isles with this limited-edition Epic Edition Collector’s Set, featuring a trove of rare and wondrous items to aid you on your journey into a new land.

  • Dragonflight Five-Pin Collector’s Set: Add iconic representations of Azeroth’s five primary dragonflights to your pin collection–red, green, black, blue, and bronze.
  • Art of Dragonflight- Hardback Art Book: Explore the visual development of the Dragon Isles, a remote realm of Azeroth that has remained hidden since the Great Sundering 10,000 years ago.
  • Alexstrasza Mousepad:  Emblazoned with the powerful visage of the Life-Binder herself, standing proud in both her dragon and high elf forms.

Epic In-Game Content

  • Drakks pet (as a pre-purchase bonus item) and Murkastrasza pet: Explore the Dragon Isles alongside your diminutive, new draconic companions.
  • Tangled Dreamweaver mount: Take wing with the Tangled Dreamweaver as you soar across the Dragon Isles and beyond.
  • Wings of Awakened: A back-slot transmog, which includes 5 color variants, one for each of the major Dragonflights.
  • Diadem of the Spell-Keeper: A back-slot transmog, which includes 5 color variants, one for each of the major Dragonflights.
  • Timewalker’s Hearthstone Effect: Ride the sands of time back to an inn you’ve previously visited with this unique cosmetic effect for your Hearthstone.

World of Warcraft: Dragonflight PC/Mac Game Key

You’ll also receive an Epic Edition digital key to unlock the full version of Dragonflight and 30 days of game time. The Dragonflight Collector’s Edition is available to pre-order now on the Blizzard Gear Store now.

Upgrading From Base Edition, Heroic Edition, or Epic Edition to Collector’s Edition

If you’ve purchased a digital copy of Dragonflight from our in-game shop or Blizzard shop, and want to upgrade to the Collector’s Edition, we will automatically credit you the cost of the digital copy in Blizzard Balance—as long as you enter the Collector’s Edition key before 11:59 p.m. PDT on December 31, 2023. When you enter the key from your Collector’s Edition, the credit will automatically kick in based on the original transaction on your account.

Remember, you will need to enter the Collector’s Edition key before 11:59 p.m. PST on December 31, 2023, as automatic Blizzard Balance credits will be turned off at that time.

Please note, if you originally bought a lower-priced edition and then upgraded to a higher-priced edition, you will be credited based on the original purchase only. Here are the specific scenarios:

Epic Edition > Collector’s Edition

If you originally bought the Epic Edition of Dragonflight and pre-ordered the Collector’s Edition, your Blizzard Balance credit will be for the price you paid for the Epic Edition.

Heroic Edition > Epic Edition > Collector’s Edition

If you bought the Heroic Edition, upgraded to the Epic Edition at a later date, then pre-ordered the Collector’s Edition of Dragonflight, your Blizzard Balance credit will be the price you paid for the original Heroic Edition.

Heroic Edition > Collector’s Edition

If you originally bought the Heroic Edition of Dragonflight and pre-ordered the Collector’s Edition, your Blizzard Balance credit will be the price you paid for the Heroic Edition.

Base Edition > Heroic Edition > Collector’s Edition

If you bought the Base Edition, upgraded to the Heroic Edition at a later date, then pre-ordered the Collector’s Edition of Dragonflight, your Blizzard Balance credit will be the price you paid for the original Base Edition.

 Base Edition > Heroic Edition > Epic Edition > Collector’s Edition

If you bought the Base Edition, upgraded to the Heroic Edition and then the Epic Edition at a later date, then pre-ordered the Collector’s Edition of Dragonflight, your Blizzard Balance credit will be the price you paid for the original Base Edition.

World of Warcraft®: Dragonflight™ will be available on or before December 31, 2022. To learn more, visit the expansion’s official website at https://dragonflight.blizzard.com.

*Drakks pet as a pre-purchase bonus item offer ends with the launch of Dragonflight.
**In-game items and Character Boost not available in World of Warcraft® Classic.

World of Warcraft: Dragonflight – Interview Roundup Part 5

A second round of interviews for Dragonflight has taken place. Here’s a summary of the new bits of information in one list. The links to the full interviews are listed down at the bottom of this page.

  • They are still figuring things out but they want to make nearly everything account wide except for gear. The example was given for dragon riding that after you earn a speed increase you shouldn’t have to earn it again on your alt. (Taliesin & Evitel)
  • The Dracthyr starting experience has a story of discovery. You awaken after an unknown amount of time in stasis and you figure out what has been going on together with other Dracthyr. (Taliesin & Evitel)
  • The Dracthyr starting area will be reused for non-starting experience gameplay as well. (Taliesin & Evitel)
  • Not all reputations will have the renown type system (Reputation 2.0), only “major factions” will have it. (Taliesin & Evitel)
  • Professions might be a good home to carry over the Creation Catalyst type functionality where you can craft catch up tier gear. (Taliesin & Evitel)
  • There are no current plans for a mission table. (Taliesin & Evitel)
  • Battle for Azeroth dungeons are also not on the table for M+ in the first seasons. They are looking at some Mists of Pandaria dungeons. (Taliesin & Evitel)
  • It’s unlikely that they’ll go all the way back to classic dungeons for M+. They’re not suitable for modern gameplay. Instead they have drawn the line at Mists of Pandaria for now. (Taliesin & Evitel)
  • Evokers will use int items. In terms of weapons, mainly things that shamans can use. Weapons like daggers, fist weapons, staves, axes, swords (but not shields). (Taliesin & Evitel)
  • In the short term Evokers will not be able to do the Mage Tower, but in the long term they’re looking at exploring that option. (Taliesin & Evitel)
  • An Evoker tanking spec in the long term is unlikely. At its core the Evoker is a spellcaster class. (Taliesin & Evitel)
  • They are confirming that BfA will remain the default new player experience. (Taliesin & Evitel)
  • Calia Menethil will be involved in Patch 9.2.5 content (Taliesin & Evitel)
  • In the longterm you will still be able to use regular flying on the Dragon Isles. But at launch you can only fly with Dragon Riding. (Taliesin & Evitel)
  • Zereth Mortis is a pretty close look at how endgame play will philosophically look. 9.2 didn’t carry forward renown or soulbind progression. There will just be more different things to do in the new expansion. (Taliesin & Evitel)
  • They’re still looking at what kind of group/raid Utility the Evoker will provide. One of the things they’re experimenting with is a raid cooldown called Blessing of the Bronze which reduces movement speed abilities cooldown. (MrGM)
  • Evokers use a new resource called Essence. It regenerates on its own. (MrGM)
  • In terms of racial abilities the Dracthyr have Wing Buffet (knock enemy back), Tail Swipe (knock enemy up), Chosen Identity (barbershop changes are free) and other things they are still working on. (MrGM)
  • There won’t be a big animation when switching between dragon and visage form. (MrGM)
  • Evokers triage clumps of players. They use big breathes. Their big healing cooldown has the feeling of Alexstrasza flying over soldiers and healing those at the Wrath Gate. (MrGM)
  • The charging ability cannot be overcharged. After you reach the max charging time it will wait 3 more seconds before it casts automatically. (MrGM)
  • They’re working on new target textures/art on the floor to indicate where cones and abilities will be cast. (MrGM)
  • New Evoker spell – Soar. You flap your wings, burst forward and hover in place. You’ll be able to cast while moving with it. (MrGM)
  • They want to move towards a world where the race of a character doesn’t limit which class you can be. Rogue, Mages and Priests will be available to all races in 10.0.(MrGM)
  • In addition to lore, things like racial chargers, racial totems limit how quickly they can open each class up to other races. (MrGM)
  • They don’t know if they will be able to make it possible to share talent trees as an export to be shared outside of the game (such as for written guides) in 10.0. (MrGM)
  • As you spend points in the talent system you reach gates, much like the old system, there are limits to spend more points in the talent tree before you can move further down the tree. (MrGM)
  • Between levels 10 and 60, the spells granted by the spellbook are very sparse. Most of your spells you will earn via talent points. (MrGM)
  • It’s possible that you might have access to more than 1 covenant ability with the new talent trees. (MrGM)
  • In terms of new talents they’re likely to be new passives that adjust your rotation. (MrGM)
  • They’re looking at new PvP brawls. They’re looking at the old Highmaul Coliseum and Legion PvP World Quest free for all zones for inspiration. (MrGM)
  • Entry level PvP gear could be crafted via Professions. (MrGM)
  • The Gladiator mount will be a custom Dragon Riding drake you can unlock. (MrGM)
  • The Dracthyr Evoker can only be 1 per realm. Additionally after the first you create you can only create one once you have a level 50 character. (MrGM)
  • The Dracthyr are their own racial mount. (MrGM)
  • Gladiator Stance will not return. (MrGM)
  • Dragon Riding will not have combat to begin with, but might be added later on. (Asmongold)
  • Things like the Protoform Synthesis system is what they want to do more of. (Asmongold)
  • They want to look at the battlegrounds system as a whole before adding new ones, such as having seasonal rotations. (Asmongold)
  • They do want to bring back Master Looter but it’s technically hard to achieve quickly due to the Personal Loot system having been built up the last 6 years. (Asmongold)
  • They do see Addons becoming too computational, telling you what to do, as a problem but they do not have a solution yet. (Asmongold)

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